The Holy Month: Life of Maids in Dubai

Ramadan is a special period for all the Muslims in the world because it is observed as a month of fasting to commemorate the first revelation of the Quran to the prophet Mohammed. It is a period of remembrance of the values onto which they hold as they go through the ebbs and flows while keeping afloat by the sheer will of faith. It is a time of hustle and bustle, an occasion for the coming together of families in celebration of life and mutual respect for each. But it is also a time for a lot of events, inside the house, and organising them requires a lot of planning and physical activity, here’s when the maids in Dubai have to do a little bit of extra.maids dubai

Dubai maids are known for their resilience, their purpose is to serve their clients to the fullest, and their maximum needs. They are here to place your priorities at the top of their agenda; their work ethic is second to none. They spare time to take care of their personal beliefs and will dedicate most of their output towards the duties assigned by them. Their earnestness is their standout quality, because they know that being a maid in Dubai means having to abide by a certain invisible code of excellence that they keep in their hearts.

It is the season to observe a certain peace in the minds as well as in the body. That feeling is ubiquitous and shared by everyone else, even the people of the other faith; once that is done, there is the moment of uplifting life – when the time to celebrate comes and there is liveliness and joy. It is during this time in between that there is a great demand for hiring good maids in Dubai. Sometimes, there is not a good proportion in place – the demand exceeds the supply – and this creates a certain number of problems for both the sides.

This often compels the maid to be working extra time where they can eventually get exhausted from the overload or they may even take the drastic step to disown the service and runaway to a shelter where they can get protection and relief from the work. The employers on the hand will feel cheated and would start to take measures to sue or hire another one; though there is hardly any other to take the place of the one whom they lost. This is a conundrum that can only be solved by opening a space for dialogue between the employed and the employer.

The key here is communication. A maid is a human being subject to all the fundamental forces as anyone else. In Dubai, a sprawling cosmopolitan city, there are a multitude of people existing with different degrees of affluence among them. Take into consideration their background and how they’ve got here; inquire into the little things like their hometown, their family etc., so as to build trust. This goes for both the employers of live in maids and for those who employ them under an agency. Building up their trust would mean that they will have a sense of connectedness and wouldn’t feel isolated or with no one to confide their thoughts.

Ramadan now carries a stigma in the industry of being a time when the dissatisfaction level of the employed maids peak and of a prevalent market of exploitation monetarily. Maids have become unwilling to contribute work without an exorbitant amount of remuneration. The disproportion in the employer’s demand and the availability of the willing maids may provide an opportunity for other miscreants to bring in maids illegally through forbidden methods such as human trafficking.

Therefore it is an imperative that the maids in Dubai should have a sense of belonging and an overall connection with their employees in every aspect of their stay here; once that it established there can be harmonious co-existence. Then there will be sweet memories to be had whenever Ramadan returns every year, there will be a pious and joyous mood occurring together. Neither the employee nor the employer will have resentment or ill feelings, and the solemn ambience prevailing in the air will reach the hearts and minds of those who inhabit this wonderful land.

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