The different types of cleaning companies in Dubai

In Dubai’s sprawling cosmopolitan, people are setting up a lot of business enterprises, trying to make their mark in the opportunities that this provides, and one of these markets in the city is to be a cleaning company. The working citizens of Dubai have a constant need for good cleaning services and maids to come and clean their homes while they are away, and in this very lucrative sector you will find diverse types of cleaning companies, all with different modes of operation and technique. Here are some of the examples that you might find here:


cleaning companies in dubai 5  1. The Individual Maids: These individual maids operate alone and without any middle man. They are directly contacted by their employers and work for an agreed upon rate and a specific time. Such an arrangement would benefit those with a limited budget since they have to only pay a single person. This dedicated cleaner has this as his/her livelihood and a flexible arrangement could be made.


The downside for hiring such individuals is not being able to get a replacement if the person is sick. Besides, without any insurance, you will be held responsible if anything happens to her during the work or to a household item.


cleaning companies in dubai 22.The Cleaning Business: A cleaning business is defined as a privately owned company employing more than 1 employee and seeks to reach profit in return for the services provided. They will offer various rates, and it is suggested that you choose the ones that give a reasonable price for the services provided.


The advantage of hiring cleaning companies in Dubai are is that they will always have a substitute ready if one of the employees does not arrive. They will also provide you with a concise schedule of what will be done and the procedures for work. Moreover, they will have a customer feedback center for all your queries.


The disadvantages though are the flip-side of the first advantage – high staff turnover means that the same cleaner will not be available every time With a contract, they will impose terms on you and this will not be for your advantage,  and when everything is run under the helm of business executives, it will less personal.


3. The Cleaning franchisecleaning companies in dubai 3: A cleaning franchise is made by selling the rights to their logos, name and model to a third party – franchisee – so he/she could use their successful business model and promote it in his/her business model. The franchisee will have certain procedures for executing the cleaning service.


The advantage of hiring a cleaning franchise is that their business model is tried and tested and the customer experience as well as the marketing and branding are exceptional. Moreover, the equipment that they use will be of the best quality.


The disadvantage here is that these sorts of cleaning companies in Dubai will not quote by the hour but instead on the basis of the cleaning done. So expect quite hefty fees for the amount of work that they do and the other being a prolonged contractual obligation with you that may extend to 3 or even 9 months.


4. The cleaning agency: The cleaning agency will be like a recruitment agency, like the perfect middle men. They are an office based business that which will advertise itself with leaflets for its cleaning services and simultaneously recruit individual maids from local pub centres for self-employed workers to fulfil the cleaning services.


cleaning companies in dubai 4

The advantage is that it is a nice blend of an individual maid and a cleaning business – if a cleaner leaves the job, you can call another. The price is somewhere in between the individual maid and the company business.


But when you need to make the payment, then there are separate payments for the administrators in advance and the other for the cleaners, in advance. Agencies will have high staff turnover rate, and since they hire self-employed maids, you may have to deal with people who are not connected with the agency having possession of your keys when you are not at home.


These are only the basic models for a cleaning company, others may have to identify as one among these, but they might be specialized in other functions. The kind of cleaning companies in Dubai that you will select will depend upon a lot of other factors as well. Check out this informative post about what those are.

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