A Step-By-Step Appraoch To Cleaning the Kitchen

Kitchen cleaning is one of the most important aspects of doing housework and sometimes hat puts most of us off is the fact that we don’t how to start the cleaning. Sometimes you would know where to begin, but you wouldn’t know how therefore you go about cleaning and make it redundant. This is why you should do the cleaning once you know how to do it. Here, I have compiled knowledge from myriad sources so that you can get an easy step-by-step way to make the cleaning of kitchen easy and complete as possible. Of course, I am not saying that it is applicable equally to everyone, as everyone will have their own subjective ways of cleaning a kitchen. But what I am offering is methods that will save you time and give you a clean kitchen without having to elongate it.

Clean the Desk

Thins that do not belong in the kitchen but are still there needs to be thrown away if they’re useless and relocated someplace else.  This is important because when the desk is too cluttered it will not help you when you have to cook the food. With the desk being cleared, you will have a great amount of space for you to do the cooking and the kitchen will look more attractive.

The sink is where you start

When you have to do a good cleaning job, it is best to have the sink ready for the dirty dishes and others to be soaked in. to prepare the sink for this, you will first need to pour soapy water and leave it in the sink.

Spray the Countertops and Stove

You can use an all-purpose cleaner to spray the countertops and the stove. You can move to do other jobs while you let the cleaner do its job

The Refrigerator

The fridge should never leave as it is, for you might’ve put in it something weeks before and would’ve forgotten about it by now. Therefore, you should take everything out of it and throw away all the things that you don’t need. Once you’ve done that empty content and clean the shelves by wiping it and spray the all-purpose cleaner.

The Cleaning Should Begin at the Top

IT is quite logical for you to start the cleaning from the top for it is a place where you don’t frequently clean and would’ve gathered a lot of dust. Using your duster (long-handled), slowly work yourself around the entire room’s perimeter. Clean the ceiling, the light fixtures and the cabinets. Also, one of the most neglected areas is the top of refrigerators, so you don’t forget that either. When you slowly work yourself back to where you’ve started, move on.

The Upper down Cabinets and Microwave

You can clean the microwave by pouring 3-4 cups of hot water in a bowl and by chopping small pieces of lemon into a bowl and using the microwave to heat it for 5 minutes as the steam begins to work on the insides. While you can soak a rag in the soapy hot solution and proceed to clean the cabinet doors and pulls as you encircle the room. After 5 minutes or so, you can take out the bowl, and use a microfiber towel to clean the inside of the microwave

The Countertops and Stovetops

The countertops and the stovetops can be cleaned using a baking soda solution. Don’t mind bits of crumbs or small pieces because you can dust them off. You can wipe down the countertops and stoves tops horizontally using the solution or you can use the all-purpose solution.

The Vertical Surfaces

There are several vertical surfaces of appliances and all of this can be wiped down with a rag soaked in the soapy solution that is there in the sink. The dishwashers, oven and fridges can be wiped down vertically. You should also pay attention to handles and edges.

The Lower Cabinets, Doors & Drawers

The same method with the rag and the soapy water will apply perfectly here.

Dishes and Clean Sink

Cleaning your dishes is always important for a clean kitchen and the best way for you to do the cleaning is by soaking in the kitchen. By now, you’ve already done and at every junction added more items into it. You can put all these dishes in the dishwasher or clean by hand. Then drain the sink and rinse with hot water. A mild abrasive should be used to clean the basin, such as baking soda. Again rinse with hot water and wipe the faucets and handles with some microfiber cloth.

The Trash Can

All the while the trash can is just sitting right there. You can do something about it by taking out its contents and wiping the insides of it.

The Floor

The floor is the last thing on the step-by-step process that is there to be cleaned. You can use a broom or a dry cleaner and then follow up with mops or steam cleaners. You should start at the farthest corners from the entrance and then proceed. If you are using a mop, use a bucket to clean. Pull the appliances if they’re indeed getting in the way. Dump the dirty water in the toilet or outside.

Once you’ve done with this, you will feel a sense of achievement come over you. You will be congratulating yourself on a job well done.

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