What’s the most effective way to remove pet stains?

Often you would find that there are a lot of stains being left behind at every nook and corner of your home that your beloved pets created. Of course, the solution is not let these darlings enter your home, but find out the right way to get rid of these stains without causing too much of a fuss and without having to bust the bank. However, the job that is to be done must be really effective because otherwise there will be a nasty stench in the house that will remain and it could be really unpleasant to the inhabitants of the house and to guests who would come to visit your home.


We will look at how you can clean the pet stains off myriad household items based on their categories. In the following paragraphs, we are going to show you effective ways of getting rid of the pet stains.


Items which are machine washable


There are a lot of things that can be said about machine washable items, and if one of them gets stains from your pet then it is up to you to get the cleaning done. But don’t worry there are easy and effective ways to get the cleaning done. One of the easiest ways to get rid of the stain is to use baking soda in conjunction with your regular detergent. Just machine wash and then air dry as usual. If you can smell the stains on the fabric, then use an enzymatic cleaner which will destroy the odour. In case your pet goes up to your bed and makes it stained, then you can change that habit by using flannel tablecloth which is easy to obtain and repulsive to pets.


The carpets and other upholstery


The carpets and upholstery are some of the places that you definitely don’t want your pets to do their business and get stains on. Fortunately for you, there are ways for you to clean these tough stains out of the upholstery that you are having in your home:


Once you see that your pet has wetted the area on the carpet, you approach the area and put paper towels on them. Cover these paper towels with newspapers and also underneath the area where it has been soiled on. To help soak up the area, you should stand on them until the area is left hardly damp. You can let the paper towels be placed in the area where you would want the pets to take their leak so that they would know henceforth. Once you‘re through cleaning the area, clean it up with some cool water.


When the stains have already been set in, then the choice is to have them removed with some good quality carpet cleaners.     But you must take precaution when you use chemicals on the carpets and methods such as steam cleaning. Steam cleaning should not be done at all because these stains would get trapped in the carpet fibre and would retain the odour as well.





These are things which are sometimes difficult to spot. The urine that is sprayed on the wooden surface would need a lot of repainting because the discoloration is caused by the urine reacting to the urine and the varnish. When you do reapply paint, and then make sure that you are materials which are safe for the pets.


Things which you haven’t yet spotted


There are going to be areas around the house which you haven’t yet spotted that have already been stained. These areas have to be spotted for pet cleaning by using your own nose because otherwise, these things would smell rotten for a long time. Then there is also the equipment known as the black light which can be used to detect soiled areas and once you’ve found them, you can demarcate them.


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