Pet Cleaning Tips from Homemaids

Pets are truly a member of our family, they love us more than anything in this world so it is our responsibility to take care of our pets with utmost care. We love to spend time with them but our furry member also brings dander and hair to our home. Proper attention and care should be given to make the pet as well as the home clean and hygiene because the pet hair and dander may be allergic to some of our family members, thus proper hygiene should be made to make the home clean and tidy. A regular pet cleaning should be done and if you are searching for a pet care service in Dubai then you may contact Homemaids who is the leading cleaning service company in Dubai.


Here are some pet cleaning tips from Homemaids that every pet owner should follow:

Place towel & container at door:

It is common that whenever the pets go outside and come back home they bring mud and dust along with them and thus make the house dirty. To stop it, one should place a towel and a container of water at the door so that we can clean the paws from water and towel and then make them enter the house. Apart from that you can also place a mat in front of the door and train the pet to clean the paw and enter the home.

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Use white vinegar for carpet:

pet cleaning tips

White vinegar can soak the stain, apart from that it can help to eliminate the pet smell from the carpet. You just need to spray the white vinegar on the carpet containing stains and let it sit for some time, and then you will realize that the pet smell and stains are completely removed. Hence you can use this pet cleaning tip for carpet cleaning. Want to hire a pet care service in Dubai contact Homemaids

Use of Baking soda:

To get rid of the odor of pet litter boxes, you just need to sprinkle the baking soda on the floor before you place the litter box on the floor. This will help you to reduce the odor. Apart from that, you can also sprinkle the baking soda on the bed and couches of the pets and then vacuum it to make it clean.

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Bath pets regularly:

pet cleaning

Never forget to give a bath to your pets because pets play outside and become dirty easily with mud and dust, all this creates the bacteria to get accumulated and thus results in the bad odor, apart from that it also creates the house dirty so it’s better to give the pets a daily bath and always keep them clean.

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A handheld vacuum or lint roller:

Well, it’s the most important and affordable tool if you have a pet in your home. The lint roller can easily remove all the pet fur from your carpet, sofa, bed, couch, etc. As it is very handy and easy to use thus it will help you remove the pet hair at the moment when you clean.

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