Selecting the best Housemaid Cleaning Company

One of the basic ways of knowing a good cleaning company forms a bad one is to look at their insurance policy to see whether they have been properly insured with all the right insurance policies and more importantly whether they are licensed to perform this job of a cleaning company. The licensing is about as the entire industry is a regulated industry and there are regulations involved to protect the rights of customers and the employees involved. A good house cleaning company would often display their licensing contract and number with which you check for its authenticity in the government records.



Moreover, the company which has been licensed should also have insurances that protect the rights of the employees and the customer to whom they’ve been appointed to serve. In the instance where an injury has been sustained to the person who is involved in the cleaning; whether you priceless antique has been shattered into pieces inadvertently by the maid who was mopping close to the table. You will need to have a mechanism for solving these grievances, and this is where the insurance policies come in as they will protect the financial and physical health of either party.



It is also good to check whether the work that they have advertised is guaranteed or not. Certain companies are so adept at their job that they would risk their entire revenue from a single client if that client feels like that the service that has been rendered to them is not satisfactory. This is often the case for a lot of the restaurants. For a cleaning company, this is not unusual, although, for those cleaning companies who are only charging relatively low prices will find it hard to cope, some of the cleaning companies which are large enough will often advertise themselves as providing 100% percent guaranteed satisfaction or money back.



The prices that are charged by the cleaning companies are based on a fixed hourly amount. Often, what goes into deciding the rate is the value of the manpower and the resources that are put into the cleaning. If a cleaning company is to provide a  cleaning rate of say 300 dollars that is because they are employing more staff per hour and cleaning more area and more intensively compared to another which is hiring just one and only doing a little cleaning that you could have done yourself. Therefore you will have a choice to select the company which is guaranteeing you perfect cleaning but is charging accordingly and the one which will give you a feasible rate for the restricted cleaning effort that they will dispense.



The company that you are purchasing the service from should be a company which is utilizing the safest chemicals and products that can effectively the room and spaces that are being worked on for cleaning. This means that you will have to check for their safety measures that they are using and whether they are involved in using green chemicals that are usually safe for the inhabitants of that residence or office. Sometimes, they will specifically ask for these chemicals to be used, on other occasions they might not have any other choice but to utilize the harder stuff as the stains they are tackling would require such.



Another thing that you must consider before choosing the ideal house cleaning is to offer whether they are possessing customer service capabilities to answer any queries and pick up leads. This service capability is a good indicator of how developed a company is. With a dedicated customer service section, the company will have the capacity to service any client with their queries, thus creating customer satisfaction.



Last but not least, the thing that is to be considered is whether or not they have a social responsibility. This is related to how they are treating their employees with regards to the wages that are being paid and the benefits that they are getting. If you are choosing an organization that exploits their workers and treats them like slaves, then you are guilty of being complicit in unethical practices. Make sure that they are employing legit maids who’ve been recruited after vetting and like the job that they are involved in.



These are the things that you should consider before hiring a cleaning company in Dubai.

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