10 Useful Cleaning Tips For Pet Owners By Top Pet Cleaning Dubai

From pet fur cleaning to eliminate odors, top pet cleaning Dubai about the best tips every pet owner should know for a stress-free cleaning.


If you’re a pet owner, then you may probably know how challenging it is to keep your home clean. Of course, your furry dog or cat brings immense happiness to your family, sometimes, no matter how long you’ve cleaned, you can still spot pet some hair and dander in your home.


Owning a pet is like getting your home a package of health benefits. They can bring a positive mind as well as increase the opportunities to be engaged in more physical activities and to socialize. Thus, from decreased cholesterol levels to improved mental health, the furry realm is actually good for us.


Top pet cleaning Dubai says cleaning is a full-time job when you’re dealing with pets. Here are some nifty home and pet cleaning tips especially for pet owners by top pet cleaning Dubai.



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1. Use a grooming tool

A good pet grooming tool can help to make your cleaning job easier. Top pet cleaning Dubai like Home Maids, the best maids company Dubai suggests using pet grooming tools to clean up pet molts. Some groomers can be attached to the vacuum and thus, it can collect dead skin and sheds from your dog, and thus you can keep your home free from pet sheds. 


2. Quick clean up litter


Here are some quick litter cleaning tips by pet cleaning Dubai. It is a good practice to line the litter pan with a plastic liner before adding litter. It will be easy to clean the litter pan with liner. Wear a mask and gloves before you clean it. Make sure you wash the litter box every week.


3. Essential oils can mask the odor


Essential oil, especially lavender oil, is said to calm dogs. Add some drops of lavender oil to a cup of water. Add the solution into a spray bottle, shake it well. You can spray the lavender spray on areas where you want to eliminate pet odors. Excessive application of essential oil may give reverse results. Hence, use it whenever necessary. Please note some essential oil such as ylang ylang, peppermint, tea tree, etc. can be toxic to pets.


4. Use duct tape to remove pet hair


Duct tape is highly useful in removing pet hair from furniture, carpets, and vehicle seats. The sticky nature of duct tapes makes it work faster than vacuum. You can wrap a cloth with duct tape and use it on corners to remove all of the pet sheds. Wrap duct tape around a paint roller to use as a pet hair remover. Make sure that the sticky side is out. Roll it over your furniture, carpet, or vehicle seats to pick up all the pet sheds. 


5. Clean dirty paws right after their walk outside


Paw prints are another major cleaning headache for a pet owner. Paws get dirtier after their walk outside and outdoor playing sessions. Don’t forget to clean the paws of your pets after the dog walk, says experts from pet cleaning Dubai. You can use a bowl of clean water to dip the paws of your dog, once it is clean, use a towel to dry the paws before they enter your home.


6. Enzymatic cleaner removes pet stains


Use an enzymatic cleaner to eliminate pet odors and pet stains. Especially if you’re a cat at home, pet cleaning Dubai advises using enzymatic cleaners. Enzymatic cleaners work well in removing and neutralizing bacteria in pet urine by breaking down the acid in pet pee. These cleaners generate good bacteria to kill harmful bacteria to remove all kinds of odor, and stains.


7. Discourage dogs from digging


Dogs dig in the soil due to many reasons. They may lack certain minerals, and they dig the soil in the hope that they will find them from the soil. Dogs from the hunting breeds will intuitively dig in the soil. You can give your dogs more playtime and more exercise so that they can engage in more physical activities. Giving your dogs more chewable toys. If possible you can designate an area for acceptable digging. In case your dog is digging an unwanted area, you can keep some lemon zests or orange peels in that area as most dogs hate citrus and that will discourage your dogs from digging in the soil.


8. Gift your dog a bandana


Dog bandanas are so popular nowadays. They are the new fashion statement for admirable doggies. Studies say that bandanas are actually good for the dog and human health. The bandana catches loose hair and also cuts down shedding anywhere around the house to a great extent. When it comes to outdoor activities, using bandanas can protect your dog from sunburns. Another major advantage of bandanas stated by pet cleaning services is that on a stressed dog, apply some stress relief spray on a bandana and wearing it will calm down a stressed dog. 


9. Deep clean pet accessories


Pet cleaning services can help you with deeply cleaning your pet accessories and toys. You can hire the best pest cleaning service in Dubai from Home Maids. At Home Maids, you can hire reliable pet sitters to give your pets the best care. To know more about the pet care services by Home Maids, please click here.


10. Regular brushing reduces sheds inside the home


The biggest challenge for a pet owner is cleaning up pet hairs. Some cats and dogs shed more while some breeds shed very less. Regular grooming and brushing cut down the amount of pet hair inside your home. It is recommended to brush your dog or cat at least thrice a week. You can consult your veterinarian to know about the right grooming tool for your pet.


Pet Cleaning Dubai


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