Easy Cleaning Tips For Your Bedroom By Home Maids Dubai


Here are the best cleaning tips for your home by Home Maids Dubai for a quick bedroom cleaning.


The first step of daily cleaning starts from the bedroom. Most people start their day by making the bed. A clean bedroom is where you start your day and it is the same place all of us come to relieve the stress at the end of the day.  


From making your bed every morning to not leaving any clutter in your bedroom, you can follow these quick tips to always keep your bedroom neat and clean.


Make Bed Every Morning

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Making the bed every morning is the first step to a quick bedroom cleaning. Not only it can be your first step towards a daily cleaning but also it can keep your mind positive when you start your day. 


Few minutes of effort can give a visible makeover for your bedroom. It also motivates you to initiate cleaning and keep everything in place. This is something you can do every day to bring instant neatness to your bedroom. 


Clear everything from the bed and put the dirty bed sheets for laundry. Now put the fitted sheet and then the top sheet on, finally, work on the corners. Fluff the pillows and add final touches and that’s it. This will make your bedroom look neater and well-organized. 


Clear Out Trash


Don’t let any unwanted things on the floor, says Home Maid. If you have a desk area in your bedroom, make sure you keep it clean after your work on the desk. A messed up desk space increases stress, and hence, keeping it neat will keep you stress-free and relaxed, and that’s how a bedroom needs to be – relaxing and energizing at the same time. 


Cleaning Maids Dubai advises to clear out trash from the bedroom as untidy space entreats anxiety and leads to poor sleep. Make sure you clear off all the unwanted stuff from your bedroom. Filter things out and make a list of things to go to trash, to keep and to donate like books you’ve read, old clothes, musty gadgets, etc.


Dirty Clothes Straight To Laundry


Here is the next tip by Home Maids Dubai to reduce the mess in your bedroom. An overflowing laundry basket in the bedroom adds up a lot of stress. A jam-packed laundry box makes your bedroom look messy. You can keep dirty clothes straight to the laundry thus intelligently cut down a lot of mess in your bedroom. 


Home Maids Dubai highly recommends removing the laundry basket from your bedroom. Instead, you can keep it in the laundry room. Or else, you can make use of an under bed hidden laundry basket so that it won’t be visible and thus, make your bedroom look neat and fresh.


Clear The Clutter


Organizer boxes can help a lot to clear the clutter from the bedroom, say experts from Home Maids Dubai. Home Maids Dubai suggests using under-bed space to be utilized as a great storage solution where you can keep your storage containers hidden.


When you are working with the clutter, it is a good practice to keep similar items in the same organizer box, so that in future you can easily find out where your stuff is stored. Transparent storage boxes are efficient when it comes to search. Labeling the organizer boxes is another way to keep track of your things. 


Assign separate areas for used clothes, fresh clothes, gadgets, hobby accessories, and other things. If you keep things altogether, then you may waste a lot of time searching for what is stored where.


Dust And Vacuum


Once you’ve decluttered your bedroom, now it’s time to make the bedroom dust-free. Using a duster or a vacuum cleaner, clear out all the dust particles and cobwebs from the curtains, carpets, and light bulb holders, corners, etc. You can even vacuum the wall to remove dust from it. 


Home maids Dubai recommend that carpets and curtains be vacuumed at least once a week. If you’ve furry pets in your home, adopting a regular vacuuming routine will help to remove pair hairs, dust, and other specks of dirt from the room. Regular dusting and vacuuming also help to reduce the chance of getting affected by microscopic allergens.

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Wipe Down The Mirror, Windows, And Doors


Give a quick wipe to the mirror, doors, and windows. This will help to remove and clean off all kinds of sticky and greasy dirt from your mirror, windows, and doors. It also adds a shine to your windows and doors. Some stubborn dirt or grease cannot be removed by vacuuming. All of those can be removed by giving a wipe. 


You can use an all-purpose cleaner or some gentle dishwashing liquid mixed with a good amount of water for this purpose. Adding some drops of your favorite essential oil in the cleaning solution will add an energizing aroma in your cleaning session.


Finally, Let Your Bedroom Feel And Smell Good


To keep your bedroom more appealing, cleaning maids Dubai suggests to keep some fresh flowers or an air-purifying plant in your bedroom. This will add life to your bedrooms. 


You can also make a DIY air freshener using a few drops of your favorite essential oil mixed with 1 cup of water and a half cup of alcohol. Scented candles are also a good option to keep your rooms smell good.


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