How To Organize Your Pantry According To Maid Services In Dubai

Keep your kitchen decluttered with the best pantry organization tricks and tips from the best maid services in Dubai.


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The kitchen pantry helps to keep the kitchen countertops decluttered and neat. These special closet inside your kitchen eliminates the chances of a lot of unnecessary clutter inside your kitchen and keeps them out of sight. 


So what are the benefits of having a pantry area for your kitchen?


  • Pantries can be your kitchen’s additional storage area.
  • They’ll keep your kitchen cabinets decluttered.
  • More convenient cooking space.
  • Having a pantry area makes your kitchen not look overcrowded with stuff.
  • You can keep things organized.


Kitchen pantries allow the storage of various food and related stuff to be stored separately. You can separate different commodities, for example, baking ingredients, specialty appliances, canned foods, etc and place them in their own designated space.


Some easy fixes inside the pantry area can really help to make big changes inside the pantry to keep it more organized and also enhance the storage possibilities inside the pantry.


Whether your kitchen is small or big, these brainy tips from maid services in Dubai can work wonders in organizing your kitchen pantry, and thus, your kitchen looks neater like never before. 


So here are the inspiring tricks and tips from maid services in Dubai to transform your kitchen and make it look perfectly arranged.


Pull Out Drawers


Why do you need to have pulled out drawers inside your kitchen? Well, the answer is simple, these drawers are the most convenient way to keep things hidden without messing up the visible spaces of your kitchen. The kitchen drawers can efficiently utilize more space than your kitchen cabinets. Drawers keep your kitchen more organized and look neater.

According to maid services in Dubai, using kitchen drawers provide easy access to your kitchen supplies. House cleaners in Dubai suggest using pull out drawers as they are completely extendable and as a result, you have access to every item stored inside the drawer. Unlike cabinets, you don’t have to worry about misplacing items and keeping them back in position in order to find one item.


Transparent Containers


Transparent containers are one of the must-haves in your pantry area. You can stack some clear storage containers in your kitchen to store cereals, nuts, and grains. Using transparent containers in the pantry area has a lot of advantages, says house cleaners in Dubai. Transparent containers always tell us what’s inside them. You don’t have to open each container and dig around when you have transparent containers to help you.

Clear containers keep things organized inside the pantry and save a lot of your searching time. They also keep the pantry look more arranged in a streamlined manner. You will also be able to see if the stored food inside is contaminated or fresh. 

Clear containers are always on top of the organizational trends of the kitchen and you can stack more containers if you have more to store.


Lid Organizer


When we have multiple cooking vessels that are of different sizes, we may end up nesting these vessels as they can save a lot of space. But, what about the lids of these vessels? Keeping the lids one by one can take a huge amount of space and also makes things look more cluttered. What maid services in Dubai suggest to do is to get a lid organizer for your pantry. Lid racks or lid organizers can store the lids carefully without taking much space in the pantry area.


Get an adjustable lid organizer so that you can store the lids of different sizes in the same organizer. Adjustable lid organizers can even fit the height of handles of the lids. That means a smart and effortless way to store the lids. If you are getting a lid rack, make sure you are getting a slip-free rack, suggests maid services in Dubai.


Wall Organizers


Maid Services In Dubai


Using wall organizers is another way of storing things inside your pantry with easy access. They increase storage space and keep dry food away from wet surfaces. You can also store your kitchen utensils such as plates, mugs, and spoon sets in them.


To keep those flimsy packets, you can invest in a ready to fix wall organizer or create a DIY wall organizer using sink caddies and velcro in your pantry area. These packets have a high chance of getting lost inside the pantry. Hence maid services in Dubai recommend keeping flimsy packets in a designated area inside your pantry. You can also use a chip hanger for this purpose. The advantage of using wall organizers for your kitchen is that they will prevent the packets from spilling out. Well, that sounds good, right? 


Apart from all of these, wall organizers add a style to your kitchen.


Lazy Susan


Most of the time the corners of your pantry are left unused. If you have an organizational problem in your pantry area, then a lazy susan can be your best remedy. You can install lazy susan in your pantry corners and simply spin them to pick your item.


You can stack a set of lazy susan vertically as a pantry cabinet so that you can have complete access to all the ingredients stored on it. These cabinets not only give you increased storage capability but also give easy access to supplies. You can thus efficiently manage every storage space inside the pantry.


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