As a pet owner, how clean your house should be according to popular pet care services in Dubai

Nothing can bring joy to a pet owner’s mind than the sight of their pet, whether it’s a bad day at the office or minor disagreement you had with your better half, one look at your pet and you are back to your usual cheerful self. Most pet owners and their companions begin their day together and will let their pets tag along with them almost anywhere where pets are allowed except their workplaces. Your pet dog or cat may not be able to understand you but if you were to explain about your woes and frustrations to them just a little nod from their part will itself feel therapeutic and more relaxing than a session with a counselor. And with a dog in the house food will never go to waste and you won’t have to never worry about what to do with your leftover food.


How a responsible owner should behave according to pet care services Dubai


With Great Happiness comes even Greater Responsibility


Everyone who owns a pet knows that it’s not a catwalk it something that requires great patience and responsibility to pull off. Having a pet around means cleaning up after it also so if you are a pet lover or want to adopt one you should be ready for the responsibility that comes with it otherwise you will have to seek the expertise of a house cleaning service in Dubai who offers pet care service like ours to take care of your pets.


Lovely Pets


Rizwaan and the dog


It’s been a few days since Rizwaan brought his new dog to his house in the first few days it was all fun and laughter however, as time passed his house started to smell like a kennel house and soon his friends and family members started to complain about the musky odor inside his house and reprimanded him. So Rizwaan decided to find a solution to his problem. After going through blog posts from popular pet care services in Dubai he came across one blog post where they speak about the things the arrangements pet owner should make in their homes to keep it neat and clean. After he read the blog post he decided to clean up after his mess he went to the nearest store and purchased a new water bed for his dog and a pair of towels and water sprayers and decide he will give his dog a bath once every 1 week.

Now it’s been a month and nowadays the guests coming to his home won’t complain about any musky odor. All thanks to the blog post he read from Homemaids.


Some of the responsibilities of a pet owner according to pet care services in Dubai


Do your research first


If you are looking into adopting a pet whether its’ a dog, cat or something else entirely as the needs and requirements of one animal is completely different from that of another and even within the same species different breeds have different needs.

Before you get a pet make sure that you will be able to accommodate them within your living space. Like people, pets may also have a problem adjusting to an environment sometimes they may need more space to run around or they can’t adjust to the temperature of your building etc.

If you have all of this sorted then the next question that pokes your mind is who will take care of your pet in your absence. You can always rely on pet care services in Dubai like our Homemaids to take care of your pets and give them the love and care they require they deserve in your absence.


Traits of a good pet owner


Just because you provide food shelter to your dog doesn’t mean you are a good owner. A good pet owner should

  • Make sure their dog wears their collars before they wander outside your house.
  • Make sure you let your dog socialize with other dogs and humans.
  • According to pet care services Dubai, it’s important that you train your dog on how to behave around the things in your household from the beginning itself.


Financial Concerns


All good things in life will cost you something, and owning a pet is no exception. Suppose if you are a pet owner you should be ready to shell out money for expense like your pet’s medical expense, its vaccination charges, expenses for their food etc. So it’s important that you are aware of such costs and OK with them before you buy one.


Be prepared for anything


Taking care of a pet is a bit similar to taking care of a toddler you should be always prepared for anything. According to pet care services Dubai you should be prepared for all kinds of eventualities your pet can run off somewhere, it can get lost in a crowded street.




The hardest thing about having a pet around is not the occasional visits to the vet or the risk of losing them in a crowd it is an onerous task of keeping your house clean. If you are still up to the task and wants to have a pet of your own you could follow these simple instruction from the maids at Homemaids a major house cleaning company in Dubai.


  • Keep your pets clean- The best way to ensure your pet’s stay dirt free is to subject them to regular baths. By regular baths you don’t have to wash them with any kind of special animal shampoos, the maids from popular house cleaning companies in Dubai who do pet care services use only a garden hose pipe or a hand shower to get the job done.
  • Upgrade your sofa- Most cats and dogs like to lie on soft silky surfaces, if your pet is also having such obsessions then it will be hard to keep them off the couch.


It’s nice and cute that your pet dog or cat wants to cuddle you when you are on the sofa, but materials used in constructing the cushions of most couches are made of materials that can attract the hair from your pets. Once your pet’s hair gets stuck in your couch it’s difficult to remove them.

So the best practices according to companies who offer pet care services in Dubai is to cover their couch with a leathery or hard woven material.


  • Go for a quality vacuum cleaner- Your regular vacuum cleaner will be able to suck the dirt from your floors and curtains, however, it’s not enough to get rid of your pets hair and odor from your couch for that you need something extra powerful. Go for a vacuum cleaner that can pull out hair follicles from your floors, upholstery etc.
  • Arrange a place to clean your dog- When your dog returns after one of its frequent bouts all covered in mud staring at you with its cute looking eyes.


Since your dog is covered in mud taking him inside to clean is not a good idea, it’s better to do the clean your dog at the entrance itself.

According to maids from popular pet care services in Dubai you should lay down a heavy-duty doormat in the entrance way to your house and a pair of towels and water spray bottles so you can clean your dog before it enters your house.


  • Clean up after your pets regularly- According to maids who handle house cleaning companies in Dubai You should make it a habit to regularly clean the towels, blankets and toys used by your dogs. If you don’t subject the things used by your dog or any pet for the matter, they will begin to sink.
  • Use a dog bed- It OK if you are OK with your pet curling up with in your bed, however, be prepared for the unpleasantness that comes with it also. You will have a hard time removing the odor and the stench of your pet from the sheets. House cleaners in Dubai think it’s better to buy a water resistant easy to clean bed for your dog to sleep. This way your dog and you can have a peaceful night’s sleep.
  • Respond to accidents quickly- When dealing with a pet you should be prepared for any eventualities, they may drop and break something, or they may soil their bed either way it’s always best to keep an enzyme-based cleaner to get rid of smells.

Now that you have grown to this blog post you must be aware of the challenged that comes from adopting a pet and what you do to prevent your house from smelling like a pet shop.

If you think all of this is a bit too much for you feel free to always call us at Homemaids Dubai – The best pet care service in Dubai.

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