Importance of Residential Window Cleaning Services in Dubai

Rizwaan and Najima are living in a beautiful neighborhood. They are surrounded by rows of apartments with a beautiful garden right in the middle. Since both of them are working professionals, they have a daily routine of enjoying their morning coffee from their kitchen which is overlooking the garden. Since they are always working round the clock, couples decided to deal with the house cleaning chores on the weekends. On the weekends they make a list of things to clean around the house on a priority basis and the last one on their list is window cleaning which they decided they will deal with at the end. At the end of the day, they will be too tired to do anything and will shift the window cleaning to the next week. But the next week window cleaning will never happen and they will shift it to the next week.

Then they decided that window cleaning is not that important and they will deal with it if and when the need arises. Finally there came a day when they couldn’t enjoy the picturesque view of the neighborhood garden from their kitchen, the windows were therefore, dirty that forget the scenery they could barely see anything at all.

This is the moment the young couple understood the folly of their ways but by then it was too late the damage was already done. The couples tried everything but the dirt and stains refused to budge after trying all window cleaning hacks they have come across in every cleaning maids in Dubai’s blog posts. They were finally fed up and decide to hire a cleaning service in Dubai to deal with their messy windows. After going through the websites of several cleaning services in Dubai who provide window cleaning services they came across the site of home maids Dubai. They decided to hire them as they had a great following in the social media and their rates were reasonable. The young couples decided to schedule the cleaning on the weekends as they will be both at the home.

As the weekend arrived the maid from home maids Dubai came at the scheduled time with all her cleaning equipment’s and started her work.


  • First of all the maid from Home maids Dubai covered the floor portion under the window with an old rag, which she explained will prevent the floor from becoming wet during the cleaning.
  • She took out a solution from her bag and sprayed on the window, the maid explained to them that the solution was a mixture of ammonia and vinegar.
  • After the solution was sprayed she waited 5 min after which she took out an applicator from her bag and started cleaning the windows in horizontal strokes.
  • She dried the rubber strip with a cleaning cloth after each stroke to keep the squeegee blade dry.
  • After that was over the maid from the cleaning services used an old rag cloth to dry the windows.
  • Now she pulled a mini vacuum cleaner from her bag with a small brush attached to it and cleaned the stills and frames of the windows.
  • At last she poured a solution of rubbing alcohol onto a piece of cotton bud and rubbed it all over the stills to remove all traces of smudges.
  • When all this was over the couples were staring at the spotless window they always wanted and  could finally see our neighborhood garden once again and it looked even more beautiful than before.
  • They decide they can never clean their windows with this much perfection therefore, they decided to avail to call in a maid to have their windows cleaned every once in a month.
  • The couples gave the maid from Home maids Dubai a generous tip and after she left enjoyed a delicious coffee in their kitchen admiring the scenic beauty of the garden.

window cleaning


It doesn’t matter whether we are surrounded by a picturesque setting or not when we are looking at it through our dirty and stained windows. This is why it’s important for us to clean our windows otherwise the stained glasses will diminish the look and feel of your house. Most homeowners don’t clean their windows, it has to do mostly with the fact that they don’t think window cleaning is important when it comes to contributing towards the overall beauty of their house.

The other reason for people giving little or no priority to window cleaning has to do with the fact that window cleaning is rather difficult. You can try all you want however, once they appear the stains and smudges are nearly difficult to remove.


Some of the products used by professional cleaning maids in Dubai


Some of the products commonly used by personnel’s from cleaning service Dubai for window cleaning.

  • Choose a rectangular bucket for cleaning purposes as it can house more of your cleaning products.
  • Next you will need an applicator and a sleeve, when it comes to purchasing an applicator go for an inexpensive but cheap one.
  • Choose between 6 squeegee, 12 squeegee or 16 squeegee when it comes to choosing a blade for cleaning, choose one depending on your usage.
  • Unless your house is on the ground floor you will need a ladder therefore, get one.
  • Use a microfiber cloth as it is more efficient at removing smudges from your windows


Tips from cleaning services Dubai to clean your windows in easy and fun way


clean window


A few tips from cleaning maids in Dubai to clean your windows more effectively.

  • Use a portable vacuum cleaner to remove small dirt and debris attached to the window surface.
  • After you have used the vacuum cleaner to remove loosely attached dirt from the windows use a microfiber cloth to wipe the surface, a common practice followed by cleaning maids in Dubai.
  • The micro fiber cloth is having the ability to remove tough smudges from the glass surface.
  • When it comes to cleaning your windows always choose a dry and cloudy day so the windows will dry faster after the cleaning process,
  • Fill your bucket with your window cleaning solution afterwards dip your applicator in the window cleaning solution.
  • After you gave the applicator dipped in the soapy solution, squeeze the applicator gently and glide it over the window surface.
  • When you are gliding the applicator over the window surface make sure you create big swirly patterns as you work while you are at it use the scouring pad on the other end of the applicator to remove stubborn stains.


3 step approach from Home maids Dubai for crystal clear windows


  • First of all rub and scrub your windows with the microfiber cloth to remove any grime and greasy smudges attached to the windows.
  • Now spray your windows with a cleaning solution made from tap water and vinegar, after 5 minutes use your applicator to wipe the glass surface.
  • Once the water dry’s wipe the glass surface with your microfiber cloth one more time to get the spotless windows we want.


Follow these 3 step approach practiced by cleaning maids In Dubai to get the crystal clean windows you always wanted. If you don’t have the time to implement our 3 step approach you can always make a call to us and the no.1 cleaning maids in Dubai will be at your service.

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