Be concerned with your office cleanliness


Are you concerned with your office cleanliness? Walking into a clean and healthy office environment has many proven benefits. Conversely an untidy atmosphere can badly affect the business environment. Productivity, staff mental and physical health, brand image can be directly affected by the cleanliness of your working environment. Many of the companies have their own staff for day to day cleaning but once in a while we should clean it by a professional cleaners .


Office cleanliness and health


An office space atmosphere might affect the physical and mental health of the employees working there. It is important to be concerned with this .In a company building there is a lot of traffic . So many people come and visit each day this can be the breeding grounds of germs if we never noticed it. This may lead to the spreading diseases and the staff’s attendance shortage. 


  • On an office desk 400 times more bacteria than on average a toilet seat . Some of these bacterias can also spread harmful diseases.
  • Office phones are the next hub of bacterias. It’s an area that we forget to clean also.
  • Office kitchenettes  like fridge door, kettle ,water coolers, cups are the concentration of germs.
  • Over two third of workers put themselves at risk without often cleaning the office premises and desk.

Office cleanliness directly affects the working of your company . The cold and flu season can exacerbate it. Your cleaning company and facility manager should take care of the office cleanliness  and protect it from the harmful germs and diseases.


Affect reputation of the company


When you experience a bad odor  or maybe the floor was visibly dirty. Will you continue to be there for your food or will you leave as soon as possible. Yes , sure you will leave from there and you will give negative feedback and will not recommend it to your friends and family . That’s how a clean environment makes an impact on clients. The experience that give to our customers make great impact on future projects with them . Always the first impression is the best first they will notice your office atmosphere only after they will enter in to the projects.


Here are few reminders of high impact office cleaning task:


  • Keep the office entrance glass spotless: scratches, smudges will immediately make a negative impression.
  • Foyer and lobby floors should be well maintained even a small dirt or debris can give them the impression “the whole office premises is dirty”.
  • Just imagine someone covering their nose while entering your office. Such A  bad impression it was. So always make sure your office smells good . A pleasant smell can change the entire mood. There are so many natural ingredients for smell that can bring a pleasant smell to your office like lemon peel , orange peel , thulsi etc.
  • Water coolers that reflect stains and debris  and standing waters are unsanitary. Daily sanitization is necessary to look clean and tidy.

A clean office  will surely enhance your office reputation.Ensure a commercial cleaning service once in a month or twice in a month to keep your office clean and healthy 

Maid service in dubai helps you to clean the entire office on an hourly basis. They have well experienced cleaning staff and cleaning equipment to do the work without time consuming. Cleaning maids dubai give complete disinfection and sanitization with non allergic sanitizers. They are using bio-safe ingredients that are non toxic for cleaning activities.

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