Homemade Window cleaning solution tips from HomeMaids

The commercial solutions which we buy are often costly and some may not be affordable. As window cleaning is a very important part while cleaning the home because if your house is clean it may not look brighter if your window is not cleaned. As windows are prone to get dirty easily due to dust, debris or even the fingerprint. Making a solution with the things already available in our kitchen will definitely help us to save money.

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Here are some homemade window cleaning solutions:

Using white vinegar:

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As the base is always water so it will be better to use distilled water instead of the normal water coming from the tap. The ingredients to use are half a cup of vinegar, some drops of essential oil as per the fragrance of your choice and distilled water. Take a bottle, combine all the ingredients and shake well. The solution is ready.

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Using rubbing alcohol:

Rubbing alcohol should be used carefully as it is inflammable and should be kept out of reach by kids. Rubbing alcohol plays a good role in leaving marks on the glass. In order to make the solution using distilled water, three tablespoons of white vinegar and one-fourth cup of rubbing alcohol. Mix the solution in a bottle and shake well to get the homemade solution.

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Using dish soap:

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One of the simple and effective solutions that you can prepare and only need a small amount is a great cleaning agent. You need a cup of water and a few drops of dish soap liquid and the solution is ready to go. Book the window cleaning in Dubai from HomeMaids.

Using ammonia and cornstarch:

When you are looking for a low-cost window cleaning to remove the dirt, and fingerprints from the window then you can make the solution from ammonia, cornstarch and warm water. Mix all in one bottle and spray it on the window by cleaning in one direction to get a clean window.

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