Cleaning companies in Dubai advises about to be safe from Coronavirus

As of the latest reports, about 170 countries are affected by the novel coronavirus or COVID-19, which is termed as a global pandemic by WHO. Due to the tremendously spreading nature of this infectious and contagious virus which makes it to be taken seriously. There are a number of researchers happening across the world to develop  vaccines or specific treatments to cure the sickness. Let us take all the necessary measures to wipe out COVID-19. Here are some healthy measures from cleaning companies in Dubai to be safe during this widespread epidemic. 

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  • Seniors need more attention


Hopefully there are reports about several coronavirus patients who are survived and cured worldwide. Seniors are more defenseless to coronavirus attacks and hence we should pay more attention to senior citizens. Reports say that when comparing the mortality rate due to coronavirus, when it comes to China, Italy and the US, patients who have crossed 60 plus were affected more. People more than 80 years with major illness should take more precautions against COVID-19. At high risk areas, staying indoors is the best way to stay away from coronavirus. Avoid unnecessary travelling and limit the use of public transport until the situation gets in control. 



  • Limit spread of virus


The best way to stay protected from coronavirus is to limit the spread of the virus. Coronavirus can spread from one surface to another through touch, respiratory particles when a person affected by coronavirus coughs or sneezes. So avoid handshakes, limit going in crowded places, cover the face when you cough or sneeze, do not touch your mouth or nose with unwashed hands, thus limiting the maximum ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  It is better to use a mask to cover your face and nose when you’re going in public places. According to the World Health Organization, coronavirus is a zoonotic disease, and can be transmitted between animals and humans. In that case, limit the interaction with animals to prevent the spread of viruses but this is a rare case as there is no such evidence till now that proves the spread of coronavirus from animals to people. 



  • Refill and keep at least a 30 day supply


Make sure that you refill your water, food, groceries, medicines and other essentials for a month. This prevents you from going out in the crowd. Also due to the increasing demands due to the epidemic spread, there may be a chance for items to go out of stock. So make sure that you store enough items needed when you’re staying indoors. Some countries predict the situation and make sure that the grocery stores have enough supplies and they even extend the working time to make sure that people’s needs are fulfilling. You need to periodically check if there is any shortage for your essential supplies to avoid a last minute rush.



  • Avoid touching your face with unwashed hands


This is a very important step to do and should be a must practice hygiene step to stop the spread of the virus from your hand to your nose, eyes or mouth. Studies say that coronavirus will stay alive on different surfaces from a few hours to days. When we touch a coronavirus affected surface, the virus can get into your hands and if the hands are unwashed and when we touch our eyes, nose or mouth, it can spread to our body. Similarly, when we shake hands with others, it can be transferred to another person. This is how the virus spreads through touch.



  • Wash your hand properly and intermittently


You need to wash your hands for about 20 to 30 seconds using a soap or rub your hand with an alcohol based hand sanitizer. Frequent washing is necessary to prevent the virus from spreading from or to other surfaces. You should always make sure that you are applying soap to your palm, fingers, between your fingers, back of your hands and your wrists to kill the virus. Gently wipe your hands using a tissue and use the tissue to close the faucet, thus make sure that you are not touching the faucet again. Now securely dispose of the tissue. 

 Cleaning companies in Dubai


  • Avoid crowds


It is better to avoid crowded places and public places as there are high chances for you to get affected by coronavirus if there happens to be a carrier in the crowd. Restrict the use of public toilets and use of public transports as a safety precaution against the spread of virus. The government has taken enough measures to close cinemas, shopping malls, and parks. They have also provided necessary measures for the provision for distance education and work at home so that people will stay indoors and this reduces quick chain transmission of the virus from one person to another. 



  • Disinfecting your home


It is equally important to clean your home and offices to make it a virus free atmosphere. Environmental disinfection along with home and office disinfection will lessen the spread of virus. Disinfection is the method of killing germs and viruses from the surface, thus reducing the spread. You can use a diluted solution of household bleach or disinfectant cleaners available in the market for this purpose. The areas which are more prone to touch, for example, tables, switches, electronic gadgets like mobile phones, toilets have to be disinfected frequently to make sure that we are avoiding all the chances of virus to live on any surface. Make sure that clothes which we wear goes to the laundry soon after you’re back. 


You can rely on cleaning companies in Dubai for an efficient deep home cleaning.  In Dubai house cleaning services assist you with expert cleaning to make your house spotless and disinfectant. Home maids, one of the best cleaning companies in Dubai, serves you with well trained and skilled maids services to clean up your home the most efficient way. In this season of wide spreading epidemic, be hygienic to stay away from the coronavirus.

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