Importance of Proper Floor Maintenance

Cleaning your house always starts with the floors because that is where dust and dirt are most noticeable. If you have a habit of not wearing shoes indoors, you can feel the dust particles under your feet as you walk around. Your home can look way more pleasing and spacious after just a good floor cleaning.


Without proper maintenance, your floors can become tarnished and dull. Eventually, you might find your floors need to be completely overhauled to restore them to their perfect condition. Replacing floors can be a nightmare, financially and logistically. Top cleaning services in Dubai advise cleaning your floor at least once a week to keep it durable and beautiful so that you do not end up paying more for your floor than is necessary.


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Daily cleaning:


A daily cleaning routine can reduce the amount of dust accumulating in your home. This can also keep your floors free from abrasive dust particles that can scratch the polished surface, making it appear less shiny. Most stains and dirt can be removed by such a routine, and you can do this in less than an hour, even.


Regular vacuuming:


The first step to reducing the amount of dust on your floor before hiring hourly maids in Dubai is to get out your vacuum cleaner and give your floors a run-over. This can remove all those loose particles on the floor, as well as the small pores on the floor that could get moved around and end up scratching the fine polished surface. This makes wet-mopping easier as well.




Cleaning your floors with a wet mop can remove most stains and dirt on the surface. Using a soap solution or a light cleaning agent can remove oil and ingrained dirt stains.


The best cleaning services in Dubai recommend the following steps for mopping your floor, giving a spotless surface. Use a clean mop, preferably dried before use. Start with clean water to moisten the surface. This picks up any soil or dirt particles that could be drawn around by the mop. Next, mix the cleaning solution in warm water and use this to mop the floor thoroughly. Change the water when it gets mucky so that the dirt does not return to the surface after repeated cleaning.


Buff cleaning:


Buffing floors with microfiber cloth exposes a fresh, shiny surface under the scratched surface of your floor. This is a neat trick to restore a sparkling floor without the need for re-coating. Remember to keep an eye out for good buff pads that match the type of floors in your home so that they don’t damage your floor. Consult a good cleaning agency in Dubai to get a recommendation on using spray buff while cleaning to fill in the scratches and marks on your floor so that it gives off a polished look.


Different kinds of floors:


Floor maintenance techniques vary depending on the kind of flooring material used. Common materials used as flooring include – hardwood, linoleum , vinyl and stone tiles.


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Hardwood Floors:


Hardwood floors are often sealed with a protective finishing layer that makes them virtually impervious to stains. This also makes them one of the easiest floor surfaces to clean. However, you still need to properly care for this kind of floor to maintain its elegant look.


Try to use mats, rugs or carpets wherever possible, so that dust particles are not carried around. Use felt pads on your furniture to keep them from scratching and etching the floor surface. Regular vacuuming can take care of most dust-related issues. Use a special hardwood cleaner with a damp microfiber cloth to thoroughly clean the floor. Avoid letting spills stand on the surface of the floor for too long, as this could leak into the floor material.


Linoleum Floor:


A low-cost option for maintaining a clean and beautiful floor, linoleum is a great substitute for hardwood floor, being lighter and smoother. Proper maintenance includes dusting, vacuuming and mopping regularly. Daily cleaning of dust and dirt can be done using a neutral pH cleaning agent, along with a microfiber cloth or squeegee so as not to damage the surface.


Damp clothes, towels or mats can damage linoleum and result in mold growth under the surface. Take care not to leave these on the floor for too long. Tough stains can also result from the linseed oil in linoleum reacting with sunlight, causing pigmentation on the surface. Make use of a professional cleaning agency in Dubai to get help removing such stains as these are not easy to clean on your own.


Vinyl floor:


Vinyl flooring is resistant to water and stains and is very durable compared to its cheap cost. Regular polishing is not required to maintain the shiny surface of the vinyl. Mopping or cleaning with regular cleaning agents can remove dust and grime from the floor surface to keep it clean. The synthetic surface of vinyl is susceptible to scratching and etching from heavy furniture. Use felt pads on your furniture to prevent this.


Stone Tile Floor:


You would assume that stone tiles are naturally resistant to damage, and so require only minimal cleaning as compared to other floor materials. But the polished surfaces of stone tiles are prone to corrosion from tiny dust particles. Regularly vacuum your floor, or hire cleaning services in Dubai to clean dust and other abrasive particles. Never use hard cleaning agents on stone tiles as these can potentially corrode and stain the surface. Even bleach or vinegar can cause etching due to their harsh pH value.


Give your floors a professional treatment:


Clean floors are a delight for your feet. It is important that you find the perfect cleaning solution that matches the type of floor in your home. However, you would not be able to find the time to go through professional cleaning companies in Dubai that match your cleaning expectations. Rest assured that the most difficult part of the process is finding the right choice of cleaners.


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