Tips for combating the flea-problem in your home from the best cleaning services in Dubai

It is a fine summer morning and your pets are lounging on the living room carpet. You barely notice them scratching themselves every once in a while and you carry on with your work. Soon you would find yourself hiring the services of professional pet cleaners in Dubai, and discover an entire colony of fleas on your pets and in your home. Your beautiful home can come under attack from many unwanted pests, and fleas are the kind of annoying pests that are not easy to spot, using your pets and your home as free real estate.


Fleas can come into your house in a variety of ways, even if you do not own pets. Carriers may be other pests like rats that make their way into your home unnoticed and drop off pests all over. If you have pets, fleas can be quite traumatic with the constant itching. Fleas can lay eggs in your carpets and furniture and left unnoticed, could develop into a serious infestation in no time.


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Fighting fleas is not just about giving your pets a bubble bath once a week. Fleas are inherently resilient to regular cleaning and can be a headache for cleaning maids in Dubai. Let us find out how you can spot flea infestations on your pets and the necessary measures to take when confronted with the flea problem.


Spotting the flea problem on your pets by cleaning services in Dubai

Since fleas are hard to catch sight of even when on a host, you would probably not notice the signs right away. If you have a pet, watch out for the repeated scratching and chewing. If your pet has short fur, comb them occasionally. You may find these little brown bugs moving quickly away from the light, seeking the warmth of the fur. Your pets may also lose their fur from constant scratching, so you need to watch out for patching on their coat accompanied by reddened skin. 



An easier way to find signs of flea infestation on your pets is to check for flea dirt – specks of flea feces on your pet’s fur. In order to do this, briskly comb over your pet’s back while it is lying or sitting on a white sheet. If there are any fleas, you will find flea dirt falling on the paper. Move these specks of dirt to a damp sheet of paper. They will soon turn red or rust-colored, due to the fact that it is essentially digested blood. If the dirt remains the same dark color, it could just be regular dust particles, and what you need is good cleaning maids in Dubai.


Once you establish the flea problem on your pets, you need to address the issue comprehensively. The difficulty arises from the fact that fleas are ridiculously hard to catch due to their small size and incredible agility. Pet cleaning in Dubai is an irksome job with fleas jumping around, one would say. However, there are a few steps you can take to gain the upper hand on flea infestations. 


Getting rid of fleas on your pets:

Your pets are both active carriers for fleas as well as perfect hosts for infestations. Any solution to a flea-problem must begin with treating your pets to make sure they don’t carry around the pests. Before you try any of the methods given below, check with your veterinarian to find a solution that is most appropriate for your pets without harming them.



Flea shampoos are designed to kill fleas on contact. There are also special shampoos that eliminate flea eggs and larvae apart from adult ones, so find the right product after consulting with pet cleaning services in Dubai.


Flea spray/powder

Similar to shampoos, anti-flea powders and sprays can be used to kill fleas. Using such powder can dry out your pet’s skin, so make sure your pet does not suffer exfoliation as a result. 


Spot Treatment

Spot treatments are used to attack the nervous system of fleas. They also prevent eggs from hatching and are effective in controlling flea infestation for short periods. Such treatments are effective for at least a month or two.


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Prescription medicines

Oral medicines are designed to attack flea eggs and larvae, preventing them from reaching adulthood. Some kinds of medicines also attack adult fleas.


Removing fleas from your home

The war on fleas is only complete when the last flea has been removed from your house. Here are the best tips from professional cleaning services in Dubai on how to go about this:



Thorough vacuuming is the simplest way to remove fleas along with their eggs. Take special care to use the nozzle attachment on your vacuum to clean hard to reach corners and recesses. Do remember to dispose of the vacuum canisters/ bags as they may have flea eggs after cleaning. If you have pets, it would be best to hire an hourly maid service in Dubai to have them clean your house top to bottom regularly, as pets can bring in fleas even when your house has been cleaned. 


Laundry cleaning:

Fleas may latch onto fabric from your pets and other carriers, and get on your body. Wash your clothes and bedding in warm, soapy water and dry them on high heat as well, in order to thoroughly remove fleas and their eggs. 


Carpet cleaning:

In warm, humid environments, carpets can be a comfortable breeding ground for fleas. Regularly cleaning your carpets can remove most of the fleas, but if there seems to be no end to the problem, you could remove the carpet entirely with help from professional cleaning services in Dubai.



Vacuuming and cleaning may not work to remove fleas completely, especially if they are already entrenched in your home. Applying insecticides to carpets and surfaces can effectively eliminate a flea infestation. However, it is advised to seek help from cleaning services in Dubai when using chemical solutions since they can affect you and your pets as much as the pests you are trying to eliminate.


Preventing further infestation:

When you’re done with the flea problem inside your home, you need to make sure that this won’t happen again so easily. Fleas are really tenacious when trying to find a host, and try to hitch a ride on your pets or even your shoes. You can take a few simple measures to keep your surroundings free from fleas:


Trim your lawn:

Keep your lawn trimmed. This increases the amount of sunshine that reaches the soil, making it warm and dry. This makes it harder for fleas to thrive on your lawn rent-free. 


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You may make use of the services of professional hourly maid services in Dubai to spray pesticides on your lawn and garden. Repeat this process once or twice a month to ensure that all the flea eggs are eliminated from the ground. Take care that your flowers do not come into contact with the pesticide.


Get professional help:

A flea infestation is a health risk for your family and your pets. It is a good idea to find a solution to get rid of them as soon as possible. You would not have the time to go through professional cleaning services in Dubai for your flea problem, but rest assured that finding the right choice of cleaners is the difficult part of the process. 


When you choose Home Maids for your home cleaning needs, you can forget about all those awful pests that roam around your home. We give your house an all-round cleaning so that you and your family, and your pets can live a healthy life. We are dedicated to providing quality cleaning service at affordable prices.

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