Tips to Get rid of Cooking Odors from your Kitchen from Cleaning Services in Dubai

Your kitchen can be a source of wonderful smells that brings out the glutton in you. Baking a cake, roasting a kebab or experimenting with curry can fill your kitchen with the appetizing aromas. But once in a while, there is that one dish that gives off such a heavy stench that your whole house needs a detox, requiring many hours of intense scrubbing and cleaning.


Most homeowners find it very practical installing a range hood in the kitchen to eliminate airborne grease, smoke and other fumes. Even so, kitchen odors tend to linger for a long time after you’ve finished cooking. And unlike other rooms, you cannot use an air-freshener to get rid of the odors because harmful particles in the aerosol sprays could get into your food, and pose a health risk to you and your family. 


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Here are some simple cleaning tips from the best kitchen cleaning services in Dubai to tackle those foul odors from your kitchen.


Before Cooking


Cooking odors would before you start the oven Even before you start cooking that special dish for the weekend, remember these simple tips for keeping your kitchen fresh and odor-free.




When you’re cutting your vegetables, you often forget to clean the cutting board before and after using it. The juice from vegetables or meat can linger on the cutting board even if you rinse it off. The proper way to get rid of the smell is to soak the board overnight in a solution of hot water and bleach.


Protect your bed sheets:


Right before you start cooking, make sure you close the bedroom and closet doors. Fabric is very porous and absorbent when interacting with grease and other kitchen odors. This makes the cleaning process a cumbersome affair, especially when it could easily have been avoided in the first place. You really wouldn’t want to sleep in a bed that reeks of yesterday’s cooking. And you wouldn’t want to hire house cleaning services in Dubai to clean out your reeking bed sheets either.


During Cooking


The most effective way to reduce cooking odors is to have as much ventilation as possible while you’re cooking. Leave the kitchen windows open, switch on the exhaust fan before you start cooking. Any fumes and odors would be drawn outside and away from the kitchen. 


If you spill something while cooking, don’t clean it right away with a counter wipe. This would spread the smell even after you’ve cleaned the spill. Sprinkle some salt on the spill and let it stay for a couple of minutes. This helps absorb the smell and help clean the spill better. 


After Cooking


Tackling the odor-problem comes after you’re finished cooking. There is now the smell of fumes, grease and other odors in the air around you, and this tends to remain in the kitchen even if you had ventilated the room before cooking. 


Natural Remedies:


Whole spices are a great remedy to keep your kitchen odor-free. Right after cooking, simmer cinnamon, cloves or citrus peels in a bowl of water for an aromatic air-freshener that removes all cooking odors from your kitchen.


If you still find any lingering odors, place a small bowl of water mixed with white vinegar or coffee grounds on the counter top overnight. These are natural odor-dampeners that dissipate any persisting odors in your kitchen.


When all else fails, it’s time to bring out the big guns. The best way to get rid of pungent odors is by producing a stronger smell, one which you wouldn’t mind having around the kitchen. Bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies and let the wonderful aroma spread through your house. Forget all about ventilating and protecting your fabrics: why wouldn’t you want your home to smell like chocolate cookies?


Cleaning Equipment:


Your cleaning equipment is part of your kitchen as well. Take some time to rinse and dry the sponges and other cleaning equipment so that they don’t smell of yesterday’s leftovers. Place them in a bowl or an aerated container so that bad odors don’t stay on them for too long.


Kitchen Appliances:


Clean the appliances that are used daily. This takes care of unpleasant odors and promotes a hygienic kitchen. Get the help of hourly maids in Dubai to deep clean your microwave, refrigerator and dishwasher at least once a month. Replace the old food in your refrigerator once a week to make sure you have more space for fresh food. After cleaning, keep a small bowl of baking soda in the refrigerator to keep it odor-free. 


Leftovers and food-waste:


Make sure to dispose off your food waste safely. The garbage bin in your kitchen should be cleared out every day so that it doesn’t develop any odors overnight. Also, make sure to clean out the kitchen sink when you turn in for the night. Food remains that go into the garbage disposal and the dishwasher often tends to cling to the inside, creating a strong stench after a while. 


Hire Cleaners from Professional Cleaning Services in Dubai:


Working in a smelly kitchen surrounded by fumes is a dreadful ordeal. The best house cleaning services in Dubai would tell you how important it is to keep your kitchen spotless and gleaming. However, between work, social outings, family life and generally putting your feet up, you could not possibly clean your home while juggling all the other chores at home. You can always hire professional hourly maids services in Dubai to help you out when you feel overwhelmed with all the housework. 


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Finding the right cleaning services in Dubai for your kitchen can sound like an easy enough task until you get around to choose among the many house cleaning services in Dubai. Rest assured that making the right choice is not a worry when you pick Home Maids – the best cleaning service in Dubai for all your home cleaning needs. We provide all-round, quality cleaning to keep your house clean and shiny.

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