Tips from cleaning services in Dubai to Get rid of allergens in your home

Life in a city can be quite torturous when you have severe allergies. Dust and smoke and pollen in the air are harmful to people with severe respiratory allergies. For these folks, going outside without the protection of pollution masks can cause debilitating reactions that last days, even. And if you thought your home is a safe haven, think again. Dust mites and pet residue are even more harmful considering you are constantly in contact with them at home.

Professional cleaning services in Dubai would advise you to have a daily cleaning routine to clear dust as it comes. Here are some of the ways in which you can tackle the allergens in your home so that you can relax and breathe easy.


What are allergens?


Our immune system naturally resists any foreign matter that makes its way into our body. Allergic reactions are the result of a hypersensitive immune system identifying an otherwise harmless foreign matter as an invasive substance, resulting in a crippling overreaction.


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The most common indoor allergens are dust mites that make their way everywhere through fine dust particles. And since dust is mostly dead skin particles, there is bound to be dust in any inhabited environment. Homeowners with pets need to ensure that their allergies are not related to their pets – contrary to popular belief, allergies do not come from pet fur and hair, but from their saliva or skin particles. There are other allergens that come from pests – their residual matter contains toxic materials that can cause severe allergic reactions.


General home cleaning


Adopting a cleaning routine can help take care of most allergens in your home. Clean your floors using a vacuum cleaner with fine particle filters. Dry mopping can spread dust and allergens around, so consider wet mopping or dust-attracting cleaning methods. And most importantly, wear a dust mask while cleaning, or hire professional cleaning services in Dubai to do the work for you.


Floor cleaning


Vacuum every week and use special cleaning solutions to remove accumulated dust from your carpets. If possible, replace carpets with wide-area rugs that can easily be cleaned.


Air conditioning system


Heat and humidity are ideal conditions for mold growth and dust mite dispersal. Set the thermostat around 20 C, and maintain a relative humidity under 50 percent. Hire an hourly maid service in Dubai to clean and replace the filter as well as the vents in your air conditioning system once a month as these are hidden spots where dust allergens tend to concentrate around.




Common pests like rodents can be taken care of using traps. Cockroaches and other small pests leave their residue all over your home, causing severe allergies to you and your family. Thoroughly vacuum carpets and floor corners to remove these residual particles. To prevent pests from getting into your home, seal any cracks in walls and floors and window edges. Consult with a professional Dubai cleaning service before using any chemical solutions against pests. These chemicals may be dispersed throughout your home by fleeing pests and harm your health indirectly.




Your personal space at home, the bedroom needs to be properly taken care of so that you can relax without worrying about allergies.


Bed and bedding


Use dust-proof covers for your pillows and mattresses. Wash all fabric pillowcases, sheets and blankets in hot water at least once a week. The best solution to prevent dust mites from attaching themselves to your bedding is to replace all the natural covering materials on your bed with synthetic ones.




During the pollen season, keep your windows closed. Dubai cleaning services recommend installing window screens to reduce the amount of dust and allergens coming inside while maintaining good air circulation. Clean the dust off of window frames and ceiling fixtures regularly.


Keep it organized


Clutter means accumulated dust. Don’t leave items like tabletop fittings, books or other knickknacks out in the open. Organize everything in covered shelves, cupboards or boxes, thus improving the aesthetic as well.


Living room


This is where dust gets spread around from all the other parts of the house. It can be quite difficult to remove allergens from your living room completely, so follow these steps to reduce the amount of allergen buildup in common areas.




Upholstered furniture tends to attract dust more easily. Consider using leather or synthetic covered furniture, or even wood furniture. These can add an aesthetic appeal as well as reduce the allergens in the air. They are also way easier to clean.


Window curtains


Ensure your curtains are washed once a month. Fabric curtains tend to attract dust easily and need special cleaning to improve the air quality in your living room. Hire professional cleaning services in Dubai to thoroughly clean your curtains once a month.




Use a range hood to remove harmful fumes and grease from the air. These are designed to scrub the air rather than venting and circulating the air like an exhaust fan.

Clean your refrigerator at least once a month to reduce moisture buildup. Keep fresh food to the front and remember to use all items before their expiry date. Use sealed containers to store food outside the refrigerator.

Fix any plumbing leaks under sink cabinets to prevent any mold growth. Also, regularly clean the sink and counter tops with bleach to remove dust and allergen buildup. Use properly covered garbage cans for disposing of food waste to reduce pests and rodents from making their way around your kitchen.




You would assume bathrooms are safe from dust and allergens since there is a lot of water around. However, excess moisture buildup can contribute to mold growth on any surface, deteriorating the air quality inside your bathroom.




Bathrooms need to have proper cross circulation to reduce the buildup of moisture and stagnant air. Install an exhaust fan to help maintain decent air quality.




Clean mold from faucets, shower heads and the sides of the bathtub using bleach. Repair any leaks that can cause mold growth on the walls or the floor. Clean shower curtains and bath mats regularly to remove any dust and moisture accumulation.


Professional cleaning services in Dubai


Your home needs to be completely dust-proofed to keep your allergies at bay. But you may not have the time to go around and fix everything according to our handy cleaning guide. You can always look for professional cleaning services in Dubai to take care of your home while you are busy shuttling between home and work. But finding a cleaning service for your home can be a difficult task, considering all the cleaning companies out there claiming themselves as the best in the business.


cleaning services in Dubai


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