Pregnancy Period Cleaning Tips from Cleaning Maids in Dubai

If you are an organized person, being pregnant would be a slight inconvenience when you are busy getting your home fresh and shiny. At first, it would be the same as always, but as the weeks progress, you would be less inclined to take so much effort for daily cleaning. Of course, it would be even worse when the baby arrives, so it would do well to have a proper cleaning schedule planned out as well.

Here are some handy suggestions from professional cleaning maids in Dubai you can adopt to take care of your home while you are pregnant. Do remember that you can always call in an hourly maid service in Dubai when you feel the household work weighing you down.

Organic cleaning options

A lot of cleaning agents contain chemicals that produce fumes and also cause allergies. When cleaning sensitive areas in your home, stick to using household cleaning items – baking soda or vinegar can take care of most stains in your home.

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Freshen up your home

Aerosol room fresheners release volatile organic compounds into the air that might irritate your nostrils and throat linings. Slice a lemon and place the slices in a bowl of simmering water. Sprinkle some spices into this and place it in the living room. The hot water releases the aromas of the spices, filling your home with a pleasant fragrance all through the day. The important thing to remember is to not let the water evaporate away completely.

Kitchen cleaning

Your kitchen needs to be secured against all contaminants and pests that could spread diseases. Wash the cutting board in salt solution and lime before using it. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe counter tops, and remember to sprinkle some baking soda before wiping down.

Proper cleaning equipment

Your skin is extra-sensitive during pregnancy, and that is why you should keep a safe distance from chemical detergents and cleaning agents. Harsh chemicals in these compounds can irritate your skin and cause rashes. Always wear gloves when cleaning, especially when using commercial cleaning agents. Use vacuum cleaners with proper face masks to prevent any dust from entering your nostrils. Check out fine filter attachments for your vacuum cleaner, as well as dust attracting mops to keep the dust from moving around your home.

In addition to this, your center of weight shifts higher as the pregnancy progresses. You would not be able to scrub and mop floors as easily during this time. Dubai maids recommend using special mops that can be used while standing upright, reducing the back pain associated with pregnancy.

Pet cleaning

Even while pregnant, your pets need to be washed and scrubbed clean every week. It wouldn’t be a problem physically at first, but even so, ticks and fleas on your pets can get transferred to you during bath time. It would be extremely harmful to both you and your baby if these parasites carry any serious diseases.

Hire a professional hourly maid service in Dubai to wash your pets. Do remember to stay around, but not close to your pets while they are being washed, as this gives them a sense of comfort.

No-shoes policy

To ensure your health and that of your baby, keep the dust in your home to a minimum. Apart from regular dusting, you can prevent dust from coming in altogether if you have a no-shoes policy at home. Our shoes bring in all sorts of dirt and contaminants when we wear them inside the home.

Get a dust-collecting mat for your front door, along with a dust-proof shoe rack. This way, you and any guests can put away your shoes as soon as you come in, with little dust and dirt getting inside your home. Freeing your feet while at home is immensely relaxing as well once you get the hang of it.


You need to be in a well-aired room at all times. This is even more important in the kitchen where the fumes and grease in the air can make you nauseous and ill. Keep the windows open while you cook, or if not, install a range hood filter to freshen up the air.

Ensure that your windows are open while cleaning as well. Fumes from cleaning solutions can stay in your home and pollute the air inside. If you notice any mold inside your home, don’t clean it by yourself – call in professional cleaning maids in Dubai and let them handle it.

Consult with housekeeping services in Dubai to install screen fittings on your windows so that you will have proper ventilation around the clock without the risk of pests and bugs coming inside.

Take a break

It’s alright to skip cleaning on some days when you feel too overwhelmed. Put up a deck chair outside and sip a hot cup of cocoa, or bake a cake to beat the blues. Those stressful times that get you down are mostly in the first and third trimesters, so plan your cleaning schedule accordingly during this time, leaving you enough free time to just sit back and relax.

Professional cleaning maids in Dubai are just a call away

Even with the ease of cleaning during pregnancy, you would have to give in and just put your feet up once in a while. If you are working through the pregnancy, it would be a nightmare handling work, home and cleaning all by yourself. You can always look for professional housekeeping services in Dubai to help you out. Even so, finding the right cleaning service for your home among the numerous cleaning maids in Dubai can be a tough task.

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When you feel overcome by all the cleaning chores at home, check out Home Maids. With us around, you can forget all about cleaning and relax as we make your home look fresh and shiny. We provide exceptional cleaning service for our clients at perfectly affordable prices.

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