Everything You Need to Know About Cleaning Companies in Dubai

Cleaning companies in Dubai have flourished like wildfire, and they seem to be getting bigger and better at their job. Essentially, a cleaning company is an establishment that function as a service to clean offices or residences and would also include several complementary activities like home making, petting, babysitting. Going by this definition a cleaning company could be any firms that claim to give service out by employing cleaning personnel or by a broad definition, an individual who brokers deals between individual cleaners or clients.                                                                                                                                                                                                  cleaning company animated Dubai has quite a hefty lot of cleaning companies in operation. This is because of the fact that the office going public in the city does not have a lot of time to manage their household necessities along with their demanding work jobs. They would have also kids and other members of the family living with them inside their residence and this will add to the amount of responsibilities that they would have to undertake.


The case for offices is slightly different. Offices in and around Dubai would need to give a clean and safe working environment for those who are employed inside the offices. This would call for cleaning on a daily basis, because of the amount of people who frequently occupy these areas. Although the kinds of rooms that an office might have are less, the volume and the number of employees will leave a dust trail that will stain all the major equipment.


When a cleaning compancleaning 1 cleaning companies in dubaiy comes into formation, they would have to usually choose the type of cleaning companies that they will be. The choices between residential and office cleaning company is usually the most re-occurring. Of course, if the company possesses adequate resources, they can sufficiently and sustainably go for both kinds of cleaning companies. Thus their vision is subsequently expanded into a bigger spectrum where they can incorporate more number of services as well as bring in more employees.


These companies exist to serve one purpose – to fulfill the office going public and residents in their entire cleaning requirement, thus relieving them of their responsibility and leaving them free to enjoy the other pleasures in life. The cleaning company is an organisation that renders quality service, compromising none of their work ethic, and fulfilling all of the guarantees that they make as well as the myriad expectations of the residents or the offices that they are currently employed in. The ideal cleaning company will not hesitate to travel all about Dubai to find the right client so that they can offer their cleaning service.


The employees of the cleaning company are not from a single source, indeephilippine and india cleaning companies in dubaid Dubai has a burgeoning market of foreign national coming here to get work as paid maids for cleaning companies in Dubai. These maids travel from far and wide and come here to look for good fortune in the cleaning industry of Dubai. Currently Philippines and India are the major contributors of cleaners and maids.


These employees come here to give themselves another chance at life and to offer their financial support to the rest of the families who are back at home in their  native land. They come here to get paid and they do get paid handsomely, as this is a market that is on the rise as well increasing demand. They are offered adequate living facilities and paid vacation to relieve them of their tasks. Though it is not like they do not like their job, they do indeed like it, and are happy for what they are doing. This is why more and more maids and cleaners are found in Dubai than anywhere else in the Arabian Peninsula in density. They live their lives with dignity and lead a fulfilling existence.


There are a lot options for selecting a cleaning company in Dubai, they are found just around the block. But there goes a lot into making a very professional cleaning company in Dubai, and there are enormous criteria that you would have to select before the choosing the ideal cleaning company for you. These are the criteria required to select a really good cleaning company in Dubai:


The Kinds of Services That They Offer


office cleaning companies in dubaiOffice Cleaning: This is one of the most popular forms of services rendered in Dubai. An office has a lot of space for dust and other pollutants to be stored and deposited on. The number of office employees who are inside the space will cause external objects to be deposited as well, like empty soft drink bottles or asphalt or tar, among many other things. Office cleaning services will have their own variety of tools and equipment to combat the heap of dust and undesirables.


  • Window Washing
  • Vacuum Cleaning
  • Ventilator Cleaning
  • Faucet Cleaning
  • Computer and Hardware Cleaning
  • Hallway Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Drapery Cleaning
  • Floor Cleaning

Residential Cleaning: Residential cleaning services are focused on

residential cleaning companies in dubaicleaning the houses of citizens of Dubai so that the people returning after the cleaning will feel like they inhabit a totally new place. The type of cleaning equipment used will depend upon the size and components of the house – apartment, suburban house or villa – and each one of them will have objects that need to be cleaned by a specific technique so as to not inflict significant change in form.


  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Deep Steam Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Antique Cleaning
  • Pool Cleaning
  • Wall Cleaning
  • Floor Cleaning
  • Roof Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Kitchen Cleaning

Wedding Seating Arrangement cleaning companies in dubai

Miscellaneous Cleaning: The other cleaning services provided by cleaning companies including all the services that need to be done, but cannot be done so because the employees or the residents might be busy with their work. These sorts of services are not found in every cleaning company, and they are often not uniform, but to find a cleaning company that will serve these are an added benefit, because then you do not have to call an additional service.



  • Laundry Service
  • Ironing Service
  • Pet Care
  • Babysitting
  • Party Arrangement
  • Elder Care
  • Groceries
  • Decoration
  • Lawn
  • Supplies

The Type of Cleaning Company They Are

Cleaning companies can be divided into the mode of operation that they take to fulfil their services, and in Dubai, there are currently a number of companies who go under the moniker of many names that make it seem like they are either big or feasible. Here are the types of cleaning companies that will be found in Dubai:


The Individual Maids: Though technically, this is not a cleaning company, there do exists individual individual maids cleaning companies in dubaimaids who offer their singular services for hire as an alternative to cleaning companies in Dubai. They are contacted directly by the employers and get into contracts with them for a specific time. This type of arrangement would be beneficial for someone with a limited budget, and the individual maid can have flexible agreements.  Although the downside to such an agreement would be that there will be no alternative if this single maid has some sickness.


Pros Cons
  • Easy and Feasible
  • Flexible Agreements Possible
  • No other Alternative

The Cleaning Business

cleaning agency cleaning companies in dubai

By definition a cleaning company is one that is privately owned and employing more than 1 employee and has profit as its bottom line. Multiple rates are offered by them and they are abundant in Dubai.


  • Substitute Always Available
  • Will provide schedule and procedures to be taken
  • Customer Feedback


  • Because of numerous staff, there is absolutely no assurance that the same staff will be available for cleaning every time.
  • They will conceive a contract which might compel to use their services even when you find them unsatisfactory

The Cleaning Franchise
A cleaning franchise is made through the acquisition of several companies’ logos, name and model by a third party. This third party will assimilate their business model and advertise their franchise with a more efficient business model of their own, comprising of the components of the acquired company’s.


  • Model is tried and tested.
  • Customer Experience is exceptional.
  • Equipment of the highest degree.


  • Fare is not done by the hour but instead by the level of cleaning done.
  • Contractual Obligation will usually be prolonged

The Cleaning Agency

cleanign agency cleaning companies in dubaiThis is just another name for a maid recruitment agency. They will advertise themselves as providing cleaning services while recruiting individual maids under contractual obligations to carry out their services. The individual maids are recruited from local pub centres and such.



  • Convenient blend of individual cleaning and maid business formats.
  • Pricing is also based on the ascertained value of both of a cleaning company and an individual maid.


  • There is a payment in advance for the administrators and the self-employed cleaners.
  • Because of the high turnover rate and the contractual limitations of the maids, the agency will not be accountable if something occurs during their time in your residence or office.

Quality Factors

Each company is made relatively better than their competitors by having more resources financial or material – or by the means of reach and effectiveness, or on the basis of their employees. These factors are the quality factors through which you can base your selection process:


transportation cleaning companies in dubai

Transportation: This is an important factor to judge the quality of a cleaning service. The fact that companies or agencies or franchises have vehicles means that they have utilised their utmost resources to serve the clients to the fullest. The best cleaning firms will have a great reach throughout the breadth of Dubai Cosmopolitan, and the maids can be dropped off right at your front door.


The good job cleaning companies in dubaiEmployees: The employees, their demeanour and behaviour are a great reminder of the standard of quality that the cleaning firms puts as the threshold. When you do get maids coming in to clean your rooms or offices, then you should check their attire, their disposition, their mannerisms, their demeanour, their aptitude, communication skills and the work efficiency.


Speciality Cleaning Service: These services most often provide all types of cleaning services, but they are known for being especially adept at a single cleaning service, and they advertise their brand in association with that specific cleaning service. There could be firms who would be proclaiming to be the best housekeeping service in Dubai or any other.


cleaning equipment cleaning companies in dubai

The myriad equipment in their possession: An extremely adept cleaning firm will have in their repository extremely adept personnel with adaptable and adequate cleaning equipment. They would have the latest updated equipment – mops, sponge, spray, cloth- and the lots, versatile equipment that can be used in any scenario.

Selecting the Company


reviews cleaning companies in dubai Of course, everything being said, one should just jump outright into selecting a cleaning company without much thinking behind it. One should consider those who might have preciously experienced that cleaning firm or person. With online review sites like Yelp, it could mean that you can have first person testimonials directly, although it must be warned that a lot of these users are not necessarily genuine, but it is quite obvious in fact when it is one though.


Quotations:  Getting a quotation from a company that you thought out to be competent enough, will give a fair measure of the prices that they are going to charge for the services being rendered. When a company takes the initiative to come to your place of residence for an estimation of the services required, then this means that the company is most earnest in their work.


Insurance Proof: A proper insurance package from a cleaning company will have these three- business business insurance cleaning companies in dubaiinsurance, compensation insurance and the liability insurance.


Business Insurance: Covers the loss of any business property or equipment during the cleaning time.

Compensation Insurance: Workers will be given financial support, wage replacement and medical benefits in replacement for not suing the company.

Liability Insurance:  Ensures that customers and workers are insured if a liability lawsuit ensues.


experience cleaning companies in dubaiExperience: The more experience that a company has under its belts; the better it is in terms of quality. For a company to have persisted for years, then it would mean that they have done a lot of things right during their lifetime. The experienced company will have the sufficient knowledge and foresight to resolve any issue that comes up.


Quality Reference: If a company is upfront about the value of their products, then they will not hesitate to give you the testimonials of their competency by previous customers and quality references from non-biased third parties. The words from their mouths are absolutely genuine because they are coming straight from the mouths.


ECO_Friendly cleaning companies in dubai

Eco-friendliness: The Company that is eco-friendly by using safe products for their services are progressive in though and more responsible holistically. Make an inquiry into the type of products that they are using so that you can know the ingredients that are inside these products, thus making you cognizant of their side effects.


Legitimacy: Always make sure to check whether the company that you are using are genuine and whether the employees they have are employed under legit contracts. There are several cases of maids bought from the trafficking industry who are working for cleaning firms. Compel your chosen firm to produce valid documents of every facet of their operation, so that you know, incontrovertibly, that they are doing everything by the book.


The best cleaning companies in Dubai are the ones that are using their resources to the fullest and giving their utmost dedication in carrying out their services. Dubai has over the years become a giant hub for cleaning companies, so once you realise that companies have all these factors, you will naturally be inclined to really walkthrough and select with prudence the right cleaning companies in Dubai!

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