Make Your Home Cozy for the Winter

You know winter has arrived even before the showers in October when all the stores are adorned with Christmas decorations. It might be a few weeks before the temperature starts dropping and you get into the winter clothes. But the early signs are a great reminder to fortify your home against the cold weather outside.


There is a lot of equipment around your house that needs to be checked up on before you make your way inside and switch on the heating system. Take a look at some of the main issues that you need to go over before winter makes its way to your home.


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Heating system


Throughout the year, you had the thermostat set at the lowest possible temperature to keep you cool from the scorching heat outside. Now the tables have turned and the air-conditioning needs to be raised to keep you warm from the cold outside, especially during the night. 


Many homes come with a fireplace for just this occasion. But unless you are using an electric fireplace, take some measures to ensure that your home is safe from any hazards. You need to stock up on fuel and firewood and keep them safe, preferably in a dry closet. Check the filters to see if they need replacing. Also make sure the air vents are not blocked. Make sure that the smoke alarms and fire suppression system are working, as an extra precaution. 


Of course, if you have a centralized heating system for your home, all the better. With an automated home, you can set the temperature to adjust to outside weather conditions, ensuring your comfort and maintaining energy efficiency throughout winter. However, get the help of professional housekeeping services in Dubai to take a look at the heating system before you use it. Not being in use for a long time can cause some minor issues which could severely damage the equipment and malfunction when in use. 




Pipes and plumbing that are exposed to the cold weather could get damaged in the winter. The water in the pipes would expand due to the cold, causing the pipes to leak or even burst. 


External plumbing:


Disconnect your garden hoses and drain the sprinkler system. To make sure there is no water in the pipes, shit off the main valve for the lawn plumbing. For pipes that run through non-insulated areas, have professional housekeeping services in Dubai insulate them so that they don’t cause any leaks in the cold.




If you have an outdoor pool, you would obviously not be using it during the winter. Hire an hourly maid service in Dubai to drain and clean out the pool. Use tarp covers to protect the pool surface from the cold. 


Pests and Bugs:


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Come winter, you are not the only ones trying to escape the cold. Bugs that seek the warmth of your home will try to crawl in through whatever crack or crevice they can find. The warm ambiance inside your home is ideal for a breeding season, and when the temperature rises again by March, you’ll be fighting an infestation.


There are no easy ways to prevent this menace. Before winter, hire a good hourly maid service in Dubai to clean your home thoroughly, taking care of any nooks and crannies the bugs might make themselves at home. If there are any crevices in your walls or floors, use caulking to seal smaller gaps. For larger openings, get professional housekeeping services in Dubai to seal them using pressurized expanding foam. Also, your air vents, windows and doors could use mesh screens to prevent insects from dropping in uninvited.


Clean your gutters:


This is not a winter-specific precaution, but the rains before winter make cleaning your roof gutters all the more necessary. The accumulated dust and sand from the summer would have been washed down the roof during the rains, but you’ll need to make sure that the gutters are not clogged due to this. Leaking gutters can cause damage to the roof and the walls, causing mold growth, or even cracks. Hire professional cleaning services in Dubai to give your gutters a once-over before winter, ensuring that there is no debris that could damage your home.


Seal your home:


No matter how good your heating system is, if you’ve got any interstices in the walls, you are looking at inefficient heating and heat loss, and you end having to pay massive electricity bills. The main issue would be door and window frames that expand due to cold, leaving gaps through which drafts can get inside. 


To find any cracks, carry a lit candle near the walls. Any draft through the cracks would be easy to find when you use this method. Cover any cracks in the walls with caulking and insulation foam to prevent air from getting in. Make sure the window and door frames have proper weather stripping installed around them. You could take the help of cleaning services in Dubai to get them checked and refurbished for the winter.


Hire professional housekeeping services in Dubai :


The perfect home needs to be cared for throughout the year from weather damage. When you’re busy shuttling between home and office every day, you might not find the time to look up professional cleaning services in Dubai to take good care of your home before winter sets in. rest assured that the hardest process is making the right choice of cleaning service that fits your home’s specific needs. Take a break from the headaches of housekeeping when you choose Home Maids Dubai – the best housekeeping service in Dubai for all the cleaning needs at your home. 


Housekeeping services in Dubai


With our best cleaning services in Dubai, you don’t have to worry about getting your home ready for winter again. We specialize in fortifying your home against rain and storm, through summer and winter, ensuring luxurious comfort for your family all year-round.

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