Essential Kitchen Cleaning Tools, According to Home Cleaning Services

There are tons of cleaning tools available in the market –  from simple mop to vacuum cleaners you’ve a wide range of choices to select from. And this is the most confusing job when it comes to shopping. All of us will get muddled when it comes to the selection of the right cleaning tools for your requirement. 

Here’s a list of essential cleaning tools for your kitchen, according to the experts – professional house cleaners for Home cleaning services. Who knows it better than them?


Floor Cleaners


Flooring cleaning is important to keep your flooring clean and germ free. There are a lot  of commercially available floor cleaners that do cleaning along with disinfecting the floor. Make certain that the floor cleaning agents you buy contain phenyl concentrates of white and black phenyls and disinfectant concentrates. These components are essential in deep cleaning the flooring and also kill the germs, viruses and other pests on the floors. It enhances the cleaning and will keep your floors fresh and bright for a longer time. Some floor cleaners provide a fresh fragrance to your floors.


Spin Mops


Spin Mops  are very convenient to use for domestic cleaning purposes. Home cleaning services recommend using spin mops as they offer a lot of advantages. The major drawback of using a regular mop is that with them, it is too difficult to rinse off dirt and water as it has to be done manually and this is a tiresome job to do. The spin mops does this job for you with ease. Spinning mops come with replaceable heads which are very easy to remove and clean after each use. The 36 degree swivel movement helps in precisely cleaning any type of floor in less time. 


Microfiber Cloths

Home Cleaning Services in Dubai

Microfiber cloths consist of multifibres such as polyester and nylon fibres which can easily clean off moisture and other dirts from different surfaces. Most house cleaners use microfiber cloths as they can remove dirt and debris quickly as they undergo a chemical process while manufacturing that creates a positive electric charge and when it comes to cleaning, this charge causes the dirt to stick onto the cloth as they generate a negative charge. Microfibre cloths provide a green cleaning solution and also they are far better than using cotton cloths for cleaning. They are also worthwhile when compared to other cleaning products.


Kitchen Wipes and Sponges


Kitchen wipes and sponges are very easy to use and are compact. Alcohol disinfectant wipes will help in disinfecting surfaces and kitchen cabinets. Some products come with a wipe dispenser which is a greatest benefit. Disposable wipes and sponges can be used for cleaning and disinfecting purposes. Kitchen sponges are very affordable and easy to use. They cover more minute areas when compared to a disinfecting spray. When it comes to non disposable sponges, make sure that you deep clean them to kill all the germs in. You can microwave wet sponges with a few drops of lemon and vinegar in it. 


Handheld Vacuum Cleaners


Vacuum cleaners are excellent choices against hidden dust and debris deposits on the carpets, rugs and other surfaces. They can handle a lot of messes inside your home. Handheld vacuum cleaners can clean a lot of corners in your home that a normal vacuum cleaner is unable to reach. Handheld vacuum cleaners are very easy to carry due to their mini size. If you have a quick cleaning to be done, they can be your best companion. Due to their compact size, handheld vacuum cleaners are easy to carry anywhere around the home. Another outstanding perk is that handheld vacuum cleaners come in a pocket friendly rate.


Lambswool Duster


According to house cleaners, lambswool duster is an amazing dusting tool for your furniture. Lambswool duster is an all natural dusting tool when compared with other dusters. Lambswool dusters are made from harvesting the wool from lambs without doing any harm to them. These can dust a large area. These are reusable dusters. Some dusters are not washable instead a hand griming will help to clear off the dust particles from it. You can dust a lot of areas like sensitive areas, wall corners, furnitures, etc. using a lambswool duster. 


Garbage Disposal Cleaner

Home Cleaning Services in Dubai

Home cleaning services recommend garbage disposal cleaners to deodorize and clean the garbage disposal. It increases the durability of garbage disposal and helps to maintain the garbage disposal. It also helps to disinfect the chambers of your garbage disposal. There are a lot of organic garbage disposals available in the market which are free from harmful chemicals. Garbage disposals are available as tablets which can be dropped into the garbage disposal. Make sure that one you are using does not contain sodium dichloro s-triazinetrione. As this is a harmful chemical that emits chlorine when it reacts with water. It can cause difficulty in breathing and coughing.


Professional home cleaning services to take care of your cleaning chores


Cleaning companies in Dubai provide hourly maids in dubai to ease off your cleaning chores. Hiring a professional home cleaner offers you a lot of benefits. You can book a cleaning service at your preferred time which offers convenience. If you want to know more benefits of home cleaning services, here is the link to our previous blog Advantages of Home Cleaning in Dubai.

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