Best cleaning practices for a virus free home according to hourly maids in Dubai

The stronger and stronger spread of coronavirus is a huge set back to the entire world. The virus originated from Wuhan, China is still eering the world. As per the latest records, there are more than 3 lakh cases reported across the world and the count is still increasing. How can we stay protected in this situation?


Here are a few best cleaning practices according to the expert hourly maids in Dubai to keep viruses away from our house and workplace.


Hourly maids in Dubai


  • Disinfecting your home

Disinfecting your home is essential to kill all the viruses, germs and bacterias from our home. Disinfecting processes have to be done after cleaning. You can use disinfectant chemicals to kill all the germs.  According to Centres For Disease Control And Prevention(CDC), cleaning and disinfecting have to be done everyday for the prevention of coronavirus spread. They have also recommended using disposable hand gloves when you use disinfectants.

Here are some of the products you can use to disinfect your home

  • Household bleach
  • Disinfectant spray
  • Disinfecting wipes

How can you make a natural disinfectant at home?

If none of the above products are available for you, you can use some natural disinfectants for this purpose. Here are a few natural disinfectants you can use at home.

  1. 70% rubbing alcohol can act as  a disinfectant.
  2. Add 3% hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle and you can use it as a disinfectant spray.


  • Sanitizing your hands, frequently touched areas and your vehicle

It is equally important to sanitize your hands, vehicle and areas prone to more touch to make sure that you are not letting any medium promote the spread of virus. You can use liquid sanitizers, sanitizing spray or sanitizer wipes for this purpose. Make sure you cover the seats, handles, steering or any areas which have the more probability to be touched. 

If you don’t have a sanitizer available, here are the steps to make a homemade sanitizer.

Make your own sanitizer gel at home

Mix a spoon of aloe vera gel to three spoons of isopropyl alcohol to make a sanitizer gel. You can add essential oil like tea tree oil or lavender oil for adding a pleasant smell to your gel sanitizer.

The spray method

Add 2 teaspoon of glycerin or glycerol to 12 fl oz of isopropyl alcohol. You can add a few drops of essential oil if you want to. Mix it well and add it into a spray bottle and your sanitizer spray is ready.

Click here for the guidelines for WHO in preparing sanitizers. Here is the guide to prepare sanitizers if you are about to produce in bulk.



  • Pay more attention to high touch areas

You need to take extra care when it comes to high touch areas. They  need daily and frequent cleaning sessions. 

What are high touch areas?

High-touch areas are more exposed to frequent chances to touch. They can be door knobs, tv or ac remotes, handles, arms of chairs, table, switches, handles of water jugs or tea pots etc. These areas increase the chance for the spread of coronavirus when a person affected by the virus touches that surface and if an uninfected person touches the same surface, it can spread to him/her.

Cleaning high touch areas

These areas have to be cleaned and disinfected on a more incessant  basis than other touch surfaces. A small tip is to keep a sanitizer nearby those areas so that it will make people remember to use sanitizers immediately after touching those surfaces.


  • Cleaning your gadgets

Do you know that your mobile phone is a microbe shop?

According to a study by the University of Arizona, they found that cellphones bear 10 times more bacteria than toilet seats. We hardly clean our mobile phones, laptops or tablets, right?

To prevent the spread of coronavirus, we have to make sure that our electronic gadgets are disinfected too. You can use disinfecting wipes like disinfecting wipes like dettol wipes, clorox wipes or alcohol swabs with 70 percent isopropyl alcohol in it. You can wipe on the display or other non porous areas to kill all the germs on your gadgets.



  • Stay healthy around Pets

Coronavirus is zoonotic

Studies proved that the new coronavirus is zoonotic. That means it can spread from animals to humans, but this is rare as we do not have any evidence or reports about the spread of virus from animals to human beings.

Here are few safety measures recommended by CDC to stay safe in this novel coronavirus outbreak.

  • Wash your hands after interacting with animals, their accessories and supplies. 
  • We need to practice good pet hygiene and clean up after pets properly.
  • Take regular veterinarian check ups and talk to your veterinarian if you’ve any concerns regarding your pet’s health.



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Considering the global epidemic spread, we’ve adopted safety precautions among our staff to prevent the spread of viruses. If you want to know more about our safety measures, please go through our previous blog by clicking here House cleaning services Dubai to ensure safety measures in the fight against the COVID-19.

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