Things to be taken care while travelling out of Dubai with your pets

Imagine you got an opportunity to visit a friend abroad for a few months as part of your job, you are excited and you can’t contain your happiness and you picked up your pet dog Jack and gives him a wonderful hug and tells him the good news and tells him you are both going to an exotic location. Then you suddenly remember something your friend Rizwaan told you a couple of months back, it’s tough to take your pets to abroad. Some countries are having stringent laws when it comes to taking your pets there. So it’s important you check the laws relating to pet imports before taking your pets there.


Pet travel



So now you are left with 3 options leave your pet alone in your house, leave your pet with a friend or family or the last option is to take your pet with you. Each of these options has its own pluses and minuses.


If it’s for a few days you can leave your dog home alone with enough food to last but that option is not possible if you will be out of town for a longer period of time.


What if you ask someone else to take care of your pet in your stead, you can either ask your best friend, girlfriend or even your brother/sister to take care of your dog while you are on vacation.


This is where Home maids Dubai comes in we provide the best pet care services in Dubai this claim is not made by us it’s made by 100’s of our satisfied customers. We can provide your pet with the love and care they require in your absence. We believe pets are like little children and just as children requires special treatment so does your pets and we can give them that and more.


We at Home maids Dubai have provided our personnel’s with the necessary training and skills required to deal with a wide variety of breeds of pets. Whether it’s a cute little pug or an unruly pit bull the personnel’s of Home maids Dubai have the skills and the patience necessary to take care of them.


List of things to take care before you go abroad according to pet care services in Dubai


Pet id tags  What if your dog makes a run for it and got lost while you are millions of miles away on a plane to Dubai. You can avoid such a messy situation by getting your dog a tag that will have his/her name, and yours and a close confidante’s phone number.


Virtual leash – What If you have your dog trained enough so he/she can go for a brief walk in the evening or what if your dog got lost on its way home or worse got kidnapped, this is where virtual leash comes. The virtual pet leash allows you to set up a perimeter between you and your dog and in your absence, you can set up a perimeter of like 200-300 meters around your house.


The purpose of setting up this perimeter is so that while you are away on your trip and your dog didn’t come back from their usual evening stroll, in that case, you will receive a notification with their last known location.


Detailed care instructions – Since you will be away for some time, you will have to leave out detailed instructions for your friends or family to take care of your dog in your stead. In your instructions you will have to leave out instructions on what kind of food should be given to them and at what time and how much quantity. If they are on medications leave out instructions on the type of medicine, how much quantity should they intake etc.


Don’t leave out the details – Since you are leaving out your dog in the care of someone else, just give them details about your dog’s temperaments and habits. What if your dog has the habit of chasing the mail van if he were to spot it or the fact that your dog will go berserk if it were to spot a cat.


Therefore, it’s very important to give the person looking after your dog a head’s up so, they will know what to do if your dog suddenly loses it’s cool and start throwing temper tantrums.


Leave something for your dog – Your dog won’t be able to see for some time to leave behind something that belongs to you to for them to latch on to. It can be anything from your old sweatshirt to your old towel just leave behind something which has your strong scent attached to it.


Your dog must be having some favorite treats it can be tasty dog biscuits or a juicy chicken bone so ask your friend to treat your dog to their favorite dishes once in a while.


Keep your goodbye short and simple – Goodbyes are tough so, keep it short and simple and please don’t allow it to turn into a tearjerker moment like from the Hachiko, a dogs tale movie. Leaving your pet with someone with whom they are familiar around is a good thing, however, you know after a few days they will get homesick as no one can take care of your pet dog as you do. So you are left with one option you will have to take your pet dog with you abroad.


If you are serious about taking your pet with you abroad, here are some international laws relating to pet’s you should be aware of.


Important pet laws we should know while we travel with our pets from Dubai


  • The pet should have a valid import permit before traveling abroad.
  • As per (International Air Transport International Association) guidelines, pets cannot travel with their owners in the same cabin or as part of their cargo. The pets need to travel in manifested cargo.
  • A person is allowed to take only 2 pets with them, each of them will require an import permit.
  • Puppies who are 27 weeks old coming from countries which are having high occurrences of rabies are not allowed to enter most of the countries. This ban is also extended to pets who are 15 weeks old even from rabies controlled countries.
  • Rest assured your dog won’t be put into quarantine in most of the countries.
  • Dogs belonging to breeds like Pit-bull, Japanese Tosa, Argentinian fighting dog, Brazilian fighting dog, wolf-dog hybrids, American Stafford-shire terrier, etc. requires special permit to enter most countries. If your dog doesn’t belong to any of these breeds and is not infested with rabies or you are not coming from rabies infested country you can apply for an import permit 1 month prior to your trip.

Important documents according to pet care services in Dubai you should have with you while you are abroad


As per the laws of most countries, the owner has to take care of the needs and requirements of the pets. With that sorted out, you need to have some documents with you prior to your trip abroad  like Import permit, Vaccine card, Animal passport, updated pet microchip.


dog in sea


Here is a list of documents according to pet care services in Dubai you are required to have while going abroad.


  • Import permit-This is one of the most important permits you need to possess if you were to take your dog with you abroad. To get the import permit you need to apply with a scanned copy of your passport, residence visas, Emirates ID. Import permit for most of the countries is valid for only 30 days.
  • Original vaccination card-The original vaccination card is to certify that your dog is free from diseases like rabies. This paper is very important when it comes to taking your dog abroad.
  • Pet microchip-as the name suggests it’s a microchip containing all important details regarding your pet. The pet microchip is a radio frequency identification chip that’s at the size of a grain of rice. Each pet microchip will have a unique identification id stored inside it and when it’ scanned by a scanner, it will emit a radio frequency the scanner will pick up the microchip’s unique id and with this unique Id, we can get all the concerned information about your pet.
  • Health certificate from the exporting country-You is required to obtain this document from your country of residence, certifying that your pet dog is in a good state of health.
  • Certificate from (Rabies Serum Neutralization Test)-if you are coming from a country which is listed as rabies-free or rabies controlled. This test needs to be taken 90 days prior to your departure.


If you have all the necessary documents you are all set, get a suitcase and fill it with you and your dog’s stuff.


In some cases may be you can’t get enough time and necessary documents, then we Home maids, the popular pet care services in Dubai will be your best solution and you can contact us anytime for taking care of your pets.

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