Why Cleaning Companies in Dubai Recommend a Carpet on your Floor

Carpet is a heavy often tufted fabric used to cover the floor. It’s a piece of fabric that can add a touch of regal and splendor to the floor’s in which they are laid.

Here’s the story of Aslam and how a carpet solved his floor problem.


Aslam and the Persian Rug


Aslam is an architect working for a popular builder in Dubai. He has recently moved to Ajman with his wife and kids from Sharjah as he was made the lead architect in one of his company’s latest project. Aslam being a lead architect was granted a two bedroom apartment near the city. He was truly happy with how things were turning out and moved into the new apartment with his family.

As he was unloading his stuff he noticed something on the floor in his living rooms are a bit creaky and will make an ear piercing sound every time someone walks on them.


Carpet in working room



At first, Aslam tried to ignore the sound but it was not working, it got, therefore, bad that it started affecting his work as he was not able to work on his project after he got back from work. He contacted the building owner however it was of no use as the owner refused to understand the seriousness of the whole situation.

Since talking with the building owner yielded no re results he decided to find a solution to the whole situation so he searched the internet for ways to solve his floor’s creaking problem. There were some options however, they were costly and time consuming then he came across an article by a popular cleaning company in Dubai.

In the article, they explained a cost less quick free solution to his problem, according to the article covering the creaky part of the floor with a carpet that will solve this situation. That’s when he remembered about a dusty carpet in the houses attic, therefore, he decided it’s better to clean the carpet than buying a new one therefore, he decided to hire the services of the Home maids Dubai as he got hold of this useful information from an article published in their blog post.

After Aslam made the booking the very next Friday, the personnel from Home maids with all their cleaning gear they cleaned the entire carpet and made it spotless in just 1 hour, after they were done he couldn’t even recognize the carpet anymore.

The dusty carpet turned out to be a Persian rug and after it was laid on top of the creaky floor the floor stopped making the ear piercing sound and on top of that, the carpet changed the entire ambiance of the room the carpet brought in an exotic and regality to the room.

Aslam thanked the good men from the cleaning company for their service and started working on his project with a calm and clear mind, all the while his children were running around the creaking floor with the carpet on he was able to work on his project as the floors didn’t make any creaking sound.


If you are still not convinced of having a carpet in your home, here are a few more reasons that may change your mind.


  •  Good at noise cancellation

A noise free environment is something which we want when we are engaged in activities that require attention and concentration. This is one of the best reasons to why you should use a carpet to cover your floors. Carpets are more efficient at reducing noises when compared to other flooring options as it is more cost effective and easier to use and allows us to concentrate on our job and studies without any distractions.


  • Gives you better traction

People who are living in areas with a lot of rain and snow are prone to slips and falls. Since none of us enjoy falling down on our knees we can use carpets to prevent such miss happenings from happening.


  • Brings in regal and splendor

The best thing about carpets is that they can go along with all types of environment whether it’s a living room, office space, schools, hospitals the carpet don’t just blend into the surroundings they can transform the entire look and floor of the room.


  • Insulating ability of carpets

In places, with cold climate, the hard flooring won’t is able to retain the heat for a long time and as a result, old people and people with arthritis will have difficulty walking on the floor.


So if we were to cover our floors with carpets it can prevent the heat loss and at the same time adds a charm to the room.


According to studies, a carpeted floor can help you save up to  4-5% on heating costs and up to 10% during winter time. With proper care, your carpet will last for a lifetime helping you improve your indoor air quality, absorb unwanted noises, etc. Cleaning your carpet is a lot easier than you think all it takes is a little knowledge and a bit of patience to do it.


Why house cleaner in Dubai advice you to regularly clean your carpets


Carpets are an essential piece of furniture in our homes, it’s more than just a piece of fabric as they not only keep your floor dust free but also adds a charm to your living room. Despite all these carpets are one of the locations where dust collects the most around the house.

As dust keeps on getting accumulated in the carpets thereby increasing the chances of triggering asthma and allergies attacks in the occupants of the room.


Four essentials practices for dust-free carpets according to house cleaners in Dubai


According to professional house cleaners in Dubai, good carpet cleaning is all about maintaining a great routine. So with a great routine, you will get great results.


carpet cleaning



  1. Vacuum – Create a vacuuming schedule for your home base on the frequency at which you will be using the room. If you are using the room on a daily basis vacuum it twice a week, if the room is not frequently used you only have to vacuum the room once a week.
  2. Dealing with spills in a proactive manner – The The best way to keep our carpets neat and clean is to deal with spills as they happen, therefore, they won’t turn into stains.
  3. Deep clean once in a year – No matter how much we vacuum the carpet there will always be embedded germs in the carpet, so subject your carpet for a deep cleaning once every 12-18 months. Deep cleaning is not like your everyday cleaning and it takes specific cleaning equipment and a lot of time. So it’s better to seek the expertise of a professional cleaning company in Dubai.
  4. Keep most of the dirt outside your home – Well making your home completely dirt proof is next to impossible we can keep most of the dirt outside with the help of floor mats. Place a mat outside your home so that visitors can rub of the dirt from their footwear’s before they enter your premises.

By following these 4 essentials you can keep your carpets dust free.


How vacuuming is done by professional house cleaners in Dubai


Most of you must be familiar with house vacuum equipment’s and it’s functioning but despite frequently using them you may not be getting the intended results, maybe you are not it properly.

We can give you a few tips therefore, you can vacuum like a pro:


  • Slow and steady always wins the race-Like all things in life when it comes to carpet cleaning also you should approach the task with patience and calmness and don’t rush in.
  • Don’t leave out the corners-While vacuuming the floors don’t leave out the crack and corners this is where dust mostly builds.
  • Go for top-down cleaning when it comes to cleaning always go for the top-down approach dust the curtain blinds, window frames, furniture surfaces after you have all that dusted you can do the vacuuming
  • Don’t let the bag get full– when we are vacuuming empty the bags before they are filled up to the brim, which in turn will improve the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner.


Follow these vacuuming hacks practiced by a professional house cleaner in Dubai to get dust free carpets.


How cleaning companies in Dubai keep carpets spill free


Carpets are expensive materials and keeping them spill free is difficult, once you spill your juice or ink on your carpet you have only a limited window of opportunity to deal with it.


How maids from Home Maids Dubai deal with spills


When dealing with liquid spills our housemaids use a white absorbent cloth or white paper towel however, when dealing with food spills. First of all the food bits should be scrapped up with a spoon or can be sucked up with the help of a vacuum cleaner, after wards use a bloated cloth to remove the food stains.


Now that you have understood the importance of carpets in your home and how to maintain them properly you can buy one for your house without having any second thoughts. After buying them if you are having any difficulty maintaining them just know the best cleaners in Dubai are only just one call away.

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