Tips to comfort your pets while moving to a new home from the best cleaning service in Dubai

We have all had to move houses occasionally, and we can all agree that it was a really hectic time. There would be a ton of boxes that sit on your porch all day while you are deciding what to take with you to your new home. And finally, when you move, these same boxes would sit outside your new home while you decide which ones go where. Then it’s the same old home again, with all your old clothes bunched up on the new furniture.


When you have your pet with you, moving can be quite difficult – all the more so for your pet, who probably does not understand why you’re not coming back to your old home. And the new home is completely alien for them: there are stairs where there weren’t any before, the floors smell different, and the grass and the bugs in the yard are not the same as before. In short, unless you acclimatize them to the changes, your pets will be disoriented and agitated after you move into the new home.


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There are a few simple things you can do to make the moving process a whole lot better for your pets. Here are some of the suggestions from top cleaning maids in Dubai on moving to a new home with your pet.


Preparing for the Move:


Getting all the stuff to your new home can be a one-time shift or gradually setting up your stuff over a couple of weeks, especially if the new house is not too far away. For your pets, a sudden move could be a source of great joy or complete confusion. Pets that are lively and inquisitive would find themselves.


When you pack your belongings from your old house, do so in a separate room where your pet is not allowed. This helps you organize everything in one place, without disturbing your pet’s daily routines. Pack up all your pet’s items in a separate box, so that you can get them settled in right away before setting up the rest of the house. Secure all the paperwork for your pet, locate a vet in the vicinity of your new home, and finally, make sure you have packed your pet’s medicines and prescriptions.


The journey during moving would be tough for a pet that hates being confined to a crate or cage at home. Have them get used to a small space with their personal belongings to ease them during the trip. Make sure your pet’s feeding routines are not interrupted during this time due to the hectic schedules.




The big day is here, and you bid goodbye to the old house. Your new home might be a road trip away or a couple of flights away, but your pet would not differentiate between them anyway if they feel queasy about moving. Relaxants help them sleep off the trip without you having to worry about feeding them or going outside. Have some food stocked up for them beforehand, as they might not get comfortable with new food right away. Also, make sure you have the required documentation for your pet ready beforehand.


When you arrive at your new home, don’t let out your pet right away, as they might be confused and try to bolt. Keep your pet confined to a particular section of the house while you set up the rest of the place. Ideally, you should have a room ready for your pet before you start unpacking everything. This way, your pets have ample space to relax after the trip, without getting in your way.


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Adapting to the New Home:


After you have everything tucked away in your new home, you need to get your pet used to the new environment. Even the most docile cat or dog would find it bewildering when confronted with a new environment. And you might not be home most of the time, leaving your pet to figure out everything on its own.


New Pet Gear


Being in a new home, you would be tempted to dump your pet’s old items and get new stuff – toys, bed and blankets and such. But having these things keeps your pets comfortable during the transition period. Allow them to get used to the new house before getting the new items.




If you had already pet-proofed your new home before moving, you would have one less thing to worry about. However, do not expect your pet to take kindly to the new surroundings. It might chew up some of the new furniture in its anxiety, so keep patient while they come to terms with the new house. Hire pet cleaning in Dubai to help you take care of any mess. Also, make sure that your pet’s daily routines are not interrupted during this time.


Walking the New Beat


Take your dog for a stroll around the house when you’re all settled in. A couple of days getting used to the sights and the smells will definitely make them less uneasy about the new environment, especially if there are dogs in neighboring houses. This would also be a good time to update the details on your pet’s microchip – especially your new address – that help you find them if they ever get lost.


Hire professional cleaning service in Dubai:


Moving time can be tough, especially if your pet is uncomfortable with the change in the environment. When you feel like the work is too much to handle alone, you can always look for a professional hourly maid service in Dubai to give you a hand. But with all these companies out there advertising themselves as the best cleaning service in Dubai, you would have a tough time deciding which one is right for your home. Between work and home and the moving process, you might not have the time to consider all the options before hiring a good cleaning service in Dubai.


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