Cleaning those overlooked areas in the Office

Modern offices have a sort of minimalist charm to them. They are designed to reduce distraction for the maximum efficiency of employees and provide a comfortable working space. But when you have a dozen or so employees who have different lifestyle habits working in close proximity, there is bound to be a little mess here and there. Even without all the papers and dirty coffee mugs and what-not, the simple fact that there are a lot of common areas that can harbor dust, dirt and germs is enough to hire a professional hourly maid service in Dubai for all-round office cleaning.


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But there are some spots that are often left out by your office cleaning service. Your floors and windows may be clean, but as long as dust and dirt remain untouched in these areas, you would still be at risk of getting ill from breathing in pollutants. Read on to find the most common areas in your office that get neglected while cleaning, so that the next time you book a cleaning agency in Dubai, you can instruct them to clean these areas in particular.


Undersides of Furniture


Your regular cleaning agency in Dubai would certainly wipe down all those furniture surfaces that are in plain view. So you can rest easy knowing that your chair and desk surfaces are free from dust and germs. But cleaners often forget to clean under the surface – that is, the underside of the furniture – which is a hotbed for dust as well as random bugs that make their way into your office.

Have your cleaners vacuum under the furniture, removing any dust and pollutants sticking to the underside. Use a hard brush to remove any grime that may still persist.


Computer Equipment


Let’s face it, we never bother cleaning this stuff except for the outside surfaces. And most of us would just swipe over them with a dusting brush once in a while and nothing more. Well, dust can get inside your computer equipment really fast and stay there indefinitely. Too much dust can actually cause the equipment to malfunction if left unchecked.

Cleaning the insides of your equipment can be tough, so it is better to prevent dust from getting in altogether. Use protective covers to keep out dust. Regularly wipe down the surfaces of computer equipment with a damp microfiber cloth. Turn your keyboard upside down and give it a few shakes to remove any debris inside.


Office Partitions


Partitions are as much a part of the office as floors and walls. They are essentially mini-walls themselves, but often seem to go unnoticed when cleaning. But unlike walls, these are furniture, collecting dust and germs from all over. Offices that use fabric covered partitions especially are at risk of transmitting disease-carrying germs and pollutants among employees.

Clean partitions thoroughly using bleach and warm water solution. For fabric partitions, thoroughly vacuum the surface, then use a damp sponge to collect and remove the dust. When you are done, spray a solution of disinfectant and warm water on the partition surface to sanitize it.


Light Fixtures


Modern commercial spaces use strip lighting instead of the old fluorescent lights. In a way, they are more energy-efficient and hygienic, but they also tend to be missed during your regular cleaning schedules. The problem is only apparent when you have the maintenance team over for fixing electrical faults – mounds of dust and cobwebs and insect remains would be found inside, drastically affecting their proper functioning.

Have your light fixtures regularly wiped down inside-out to remove any pollutants. Cleaning companies in Dubai specialize in cleaning electrical fixtures safely to prolong their life and make them appear good as new.




They block out harsh sunlight from outside and keep your office well-shaded throughout the day, but curtains tend to pick up a lot of airborne dust, especially if your windows are rarely opened at all. Window blinds in your office have minimal movement as compared to curtains, making them more likely to gather dust.

When you hire hourly maid service in Dubai, instruct them to remove the blinds and curtains and clean them separately. This removes the accumulated dust in the fabric and panels, making your curtains look fresh and radiant.


Air Conditioning


This is an area that goes easily unnoticed, simply because most of the time, you never know it exists until it malfunctions. Or when you have a putrid smell that seems to come from the air conditioning vents. Air Conditioning ducts are very likely to harbor a lot of dust and grime and vermin if left unattended for a while. And since the air in the office comes directly through these ducts, your employees are at risk of getting airborne illnesses.

Hire a professional cleaning agency in Dubai to clean out the air conditioning system completely to remove all dust and pollutants from the air.


Under the Carpets


If you have heard the expression ‘sweep under the carpet’, you probably understand that carpets are notorious for harboring a lot of dust and dirt that often gets overlooked. And if left unchecked for a while, there could be mold growth under carpets, which could be dangerous for employees working in the office.

Have your cleaners dust under the carpets once a week, and if possible, replace them every six months. Some companies use felt carpets that might get worn in a couple of months, so contact a trusted hourly maid service in Dubai to keep your carpets fresh and dust-free.


Expert cleaning service for your office:


Maintaining a clean working environment is key to a productive office. Your employees will be less stressed out and be more comfortable working in a dust-free office. But finding the right cleaning agency in Dubai for your specific cleaning needs can be a tough task, given that there are so many companies selling themselves as the best out there. And you would not have the time to go through them all to make the right choice, while you shuttle between home and work.


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