Useful hacks from cleaning companies in Dubai

Cleaning companies

There are a number of cleaning companies in Dubai and they deal with the removal of a number of unwanted substances like dirt, infectious agents, impurities etc. Being cleaning companies their clientele includes office buildings, apartments, flats

The cleaning ordeal

Cleaning is not the first thing that pops up inside your head when you think of something fun to do however, nevertheless, it’s a necessary evil and there is no way around it.

When it comes to taking care of your home you are having two option’s either you can take care of the cleaning by yourself or you can avail the services of a cleaning company in Dubai like ours who meet all of your requirement’s. If you choose the former then you should be aware of some of the best practices followed by the personnel’s in the cleaning agencies therefore, you can clean your house by yourself.

Making your utensils smudge proof

We don’t want our stainless steel equipment’s to have smudges on them as these smudges can diminish the shining and lustrous look of our appliances. When we use these utensils we are bound to leave our prints on them, like they say nothing is permanent in this world and that is applicable in the case of your utensils also.

There is a practice followed by some cleaning agencies in Dubai where they use olive oil or baby oil to rid your utensils of fingerprint smudges.

How It’s Done

  • Drop a few drops of olive oil/baby oil into a piece of paper towel.
  • Now wipe the surface of the utensil with the paper towel.
  • Afterwards, use an extra piece of towel to wipe out the excess oil.

Dealing with tough stains

All of us like our dresses clean and smudge free, however, that won’t always be the case, throughout our daily lives our clothes will get stains on them when they come in contact with oily substances.

Unlike they show in TV and its tough and nearly impossible to remove greasy stains from our clothes, well we may have a solution for you which will allow you to remove the hard stains stuck in your favorite cloth.

There is a neat hack followed by maid services in Dubai which allow them to remove hard and persistent stains from the cloths.

How It Works

  • Rub Whit chalk powder on the greasy stains.
  • If you don’t have chalk powder you can use either talcum powder or corn starch.
  • The white chalk powder/corn starch etc. are having the ability to absorb the excess oil from these stains.

Make your own cleaning solution

Why spend all your hard earned money on chemical cleaners which can have a detrimental effect on both our health as well as on the environment. These cleaners are having constituents which can cause life-threatening diseases like asthma, cancer, reproductive disorders etc. on the users of these products.

Most of the cleaning services in Dubai are in the habit of making their own cleaning solution because of the said effects of the artificial cleaners.

How to make your own solution

  • The ½ cup of white vinegar
  • 2 tbsp of baking soda
  • 10 drops of either lemon juice or tea tree essential oil
  • First, you will have to mix the vinegar and the essential oils in a spray bottle
  • Mix them well and now add baking soda into the mixture
  • Now your cleaning solution is ready for action

We use vinegar in the solution owing to the natural disinfectant properties of the Vinegar it can remove molds, bacteria etc. similarly baking soda also has cleaning properties the tea oils are mixed to add a pleasant odor to the solution mixture.

Dealing with water spots

The presence of hard water can cause mineral deposits like calcium and magnesium to deposit in your pipes fixtures and faucets.

The problem with is that the building up of mineral deposits can reduce the structural composition of the materials leading to their early expiration.

Broken fixtures and faucets are a major headache to plumbers throughout the world, as it’s one of the most commonly encountered plumbing problems but nevertheless its onset can be reduced if you were to follow some hacks used by plumber’s to increase the life span of plumbing materials.

How to do it

  • Apply white vinegar to a piece of microfiber cloth and rub it on surfaces with water spots.
  • Leave the vinegar on the water spots for 15 mins and afterward remove them.

Vinegar with its cleaning properties can effectively and easily remove the water spots from the fixtures and faucets.

How to make your toilet bowl sparkling

We have all been in situations where some of our guests have passed remarks on our homes toilet neatness and judged us as a result of that.

There is a practice followed by some of the maid services in Dubai while cleaning the toilet bowls.

You can use this hack to get sparkling toilet bowls to shut the mouth of your rude friend a relatives alike.

How It’s Done

  • First of all, sprinkle 1 cup of baking soda into the toilet bowl and leave it there for 5 mins.
  • Now brush the bowl with a regular toilet cleaning brush.
  • Now clean the toilet bowl with a pumice stone, the stone should be wet before you use it.

If you are still not going to pick up the cleaning brush because of your other commitments or on account
of being too lazy then you are having only one options to go for avail the services of a professional
maid service in Dubai like ours for an affordable price.

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