How men can become good Homemakers

What is housekeeping

Housekeeping refers to the management of duties and chores in a household which includes a range of activities like cleaning, cooking, laundering, home maintenance, etc. These tasks can be taken care neither by the people of the household or you will have to seek the service of a maid company in Dubai.

Housekeeping is not a skill that comes easily to men however, that doesn’t mean it can’t be mastered. We are having such difficulty picturing men in the role of homemakers because of the way men are depicted in various mediums.

In these mediums men are typically shown as nonchalant, lackadaisical, and carefree who won’t clean up after their own mess much less taking care of the entire house, however, these are just misconceptions there are many guys out there who are more of a neat freaks than their female companions.

Like all skills, housekeeping is also a necessary skill to master irrespective of your sex as it will help you not only to clean up after your own mess but you can also impress your partner with your mad housekeeping skills instead of relying on house maids.

Why we should regularly clean our houses and how

Just like how the clothes you wear speaks in volume about you as a person to others your house also does the same thing but leaves more of a permanent impression in others minds about you.

Advantages of having a clean house

  • You will be able to locate things easier.
  • Your house will have a nice and beautiful fragrance.
  • There will be fewer germs and bacteria so low chances of ending up in the hospital.
  • You will be considered as role models among your peer group.
  • You can impress your better half with your skill set.

Changes In Your Daily Routine

  • In the morning after you wake up, make it a point to fold your sheets and make your own bed.
  • After you brush your teeth and take a shower take out the trash.
  • After you deal with the trash clean up the table before you read the morning paper.
  • If you are in the mood for a pancake or toasted bread why not make it yourself instead of nagging your mother or partner, while you are at it clean the stove and wash the dishes.

What makes a gentleman stand out from his other peers is the fact that he cleans up after his own mess, he doesn’t wait for others to do things for him he will try to sort things out himself if he is pressing on time he will seek the service of  a  maids company in Dubai.

Here’s a weekly schedule you can follow to take care of everything from dirty dishes to piled up laundries in a systematic way.

  • Monday-Start the day by dealing with the mess created in the previous week clean your toilets and mop up the bathroom floor.
  • Tuesday-since you have already done with your toilet duty you can now deal with the rest of the floors in your house.
  • Wednesday-Now that floor duty is over you can take care of the refrigerator, you can expel all the expired and leftover foods from the refrigerator. If you still have time clean the microwave
  • It’s been 3 days and you have already finished all of the tough chores by yourself without depending on cleaning maids now you can get on with the easy stuff.
  • Thursday-keep your windows neat and spotless, deal with them on a room by room basis.
  • Friday-take the broom from your basement and dust up everything.
  • Saturday-Saturday is laundry day, gather up the cloths which you have spread across the house throughout the week and wash them.
  • Sunday-Sunday is a holiday, now that everything is taken care of relaxing and enjoy your weekend with a refreshing drink and treat yourself to a wonderful brunch because you earned it.

Things to keep In Mind Before You Begin

Prioritizing what’s Important

The task of cleaning up your house can feel a bit daunting and overwhelming therefore, start with the dirtiest room as it will make the most impact. After you deal with the most dirties room to deal with the second dirtiest room, follow this strategy soon you will be looking at a clean house.

Remove the unwanted stuff

Before you even begin the process of cleaning remove all the unwanted things around you so you will be having greater access mobility to move around the house and the cleaning process will look a lot more manageable. This Is the practice followed by most Dubai maids.

Get the right tool for the job

To get the work done you need the right tool find a spin mop so you can move from room to room and mopping the floor while not having to deal with the trouble of dragging a bucket full of water thereby hurting your back in the process. Most of the cleaning companies in Dubai are equipping their cleaning maids with spin mops to increase their productivity.

Be patient

If you are stuck with multiple tasks like scrubbing the floor and organizing your wardrobe, you can spray the solution on the floor let it sink down and take effect meanwhile you can deal with your wardrobe afterward you can mop up the floor and make it spotless.

Share your exploits to motivate others

Why not give yourself an incentive for taking your first steps into becoming a man, share your exploits with your friends and followers through various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

When you share your exploits you are showing the world that you are different from the rest of the heard, your friends and coworkers will be looking at you under a different light and you will be perceived as an independent man who can look after himself increasing your prospects with the ladies at the same time projecting you as an alpha within your social circles.


Now that we have provided you with some guidelines and tips on how to better deal with your house cleaning chores, you are not expected them to follow each and every one of them word by word. You are free to make your own improvisations while you are at it.

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