Hourly maids tips to clean windows without water


Hourly maids in Dubai  gives you some tips for cleaning windows in this blog. Although cleaning windows isn’t as revolting as scrubbing a soiled sink or worn-out toilet bowl, it is still a tiresome and repeated task. It can be annoying to find streaks that show their ugly faces when sunshine hits the glass after all that meticulous cleaning and scouring. Our personal experience has shown me that utilizing water always results in a mess of streaks that takes hours to clean up.


Can windows be cleaned without water then? A soft microfiber cloth dipped in a high-quality window cleaning solution can be used, yes. This won’t leave streaks on your glass windows, coffee tables, or mirrors like water or a soapy solution would.


Because some of them may include harsh chemicals, picking a proper window cleaning solution is crucial. Remember that glass can be temperamental, and aggressive cleaning agents may erode the surface. A single drop of very concentrated degreaser is all it takes to leave ugly swirls and persistent stains.


Natural alternatives to cleaning solution


You can substitute vinegar for a cleaning solution if you don’t want to buy one ( click to see 100 Uses of Vinegar). This non-toxic, antibacterial substance is a miracle of nature that can be used on any surface. It can successfully eradicate bacteria that are flourishing on the dust coating covering the glass windows.


The best aspect is that it is significantly less expensive than cleaning products and poses no risk to kids if they accidentally inhale or ingest it. You can use this natural cleaning solution at home if you have children. However, distilled water or tap water are frequently used in vinegar solutions.


Let’s investigate how we can use vinegar without mixing it with water as we are talking about how to clean windows without water today. Warm up some white vinegar solution to clean without using water. To get a view without streaks, apply this solution straight to the glass now.


Best scrubbing medium to clean without streaking


We recommend to use a chamois or microfiber towel to scrape the windows with the cleaning solution (see my in-depth evaluations). A common rag can also be used to complete the task neatly. To remove dried objects trapped on windows, such as bird droppings, newspapers and a plastic scraper may be helpful. However, because paper leaves behind a lot of lint on the surfaces, I would not advise using newspapers and paper towels with cleaning agents.


A squeegee is an additional effective and practical window cleaning instrument. It can remove your window and leave you with a surface that is clear and streak-free.


Avoid paper towel for cleaning windows


Even though it’s usual practice to use paper towels to wipe windows and mirrors, this is not the best option. Paper towels used on glass windows not only leave stains but also lint that is challenging to remove.


While paper towels are effective at wiping up spills, they are ineffective at cleaning the glass of windows. They create a thin layer of fuzzy residue or lint on the otherwise clean glass because they are constructed of tiny paper fibers. Who wants to clean windows for hours only to get lint in return?


Mistakes to avoid while cleaning windows


* Picking a bright day for cleaning can be frustrating because the cleaning solution can quickly dry out even before you are through cleaning. Hard to remove streaks will be left behind as a result. For optimum results, I advise you to pick a day that is dry but cloudy. But if it’s a sunny day and you’re dying to clean, start with the window that doesn’t get a lot of daylight. Too many streaks may be left if the window cleaner is not used liberally. Use a lot of cleaning solution if there is a particularly tough location or layer of grime to totally dissolve it. The glass will be covered in numerous stains if you neglect this step.

Professional cleaners and maids are trained and aware about window cleaning perfectly so its always better to hire a professional maid service for cleaning .

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