House cleaning in 10 simple steps

Your daily life might become more peaceful and comfortable if your home is tidy and well-organized. With the appropriate attitude, you can maintain your home looking its best without overwhelming yourself. Keeping your living space tidy doesn’t have to be an exhausting chore. We’ll look at a clear 10-step plan for a basic house cleaning routine in this blog.

house cleaning


Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Ensure that all the necessary cleaning supplies are at your disposal before beginning your cleaning journey. There are several items that are common:

  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Broom and dustpan
  • Mop and bucket
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Trash bags
  • Toilet bowl cleaner
  • Window cleaner
  • Scrub brushes


Step 2: Declutter

Start by eliminating each room of clutter. Clean up and take everything out of place. Cleaning is much simpler and your living area becomes more organised when you declutter.

Step 3: Create a cleaning schedule

Create a cleaning routine that works for you in order to keep your home consistently clean. Set a schedule for how frequently you’ll do things like hoover, dust and clean the bathroom. Setting up a routine aids in preventing the accumulation of duties.

Step 4: Start from the Top

It’s best to start at the top of a room and work your way down when cleaning. Dust high surfaces first, such as shelves and light fixtures. In this manner, when you clean lower locations, any dust and debris that falls will be collected.

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Step 5: Dust and Wipe Down Surfaces

To get rid of dust from surfaces like shelves, countertops, and tables, use microfiber towels or dusters. Use an all-purpose cleanser to clean these surfaces after dusting to get rid of any lingering dirt.

Step 6: Vacuum and Sweep

Sweep hard surfaces and hoover carpets and rugs. High traffic locations require extra attention because more dirt and debris tends to build there.

Step 7: Mop, if necessary

Use a good floor cleaner to mop hard flooring. Make sure you adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations for the flooring type you have.

Step 8: Scrub the mirrors and glass

Mirrors and glass surfaces will dazzle when cleaned with glass cleaner and a fresh microfiber cloth. Remember to clean the windows as well.

Step 9: Take on the bathroom and kitchen

Bathrooms and kitchens need a little more care. Use the proper cleaning supplies to scrub sinks, countertops, appliances, and toilets. Pay particular attention to areas that are prone to accumulation, such as the grout and the area surrounding faucets.

Step 10: Pay Attention to Small Details

Don’t forget the little things. Spend some time cleaning areas that are touched regularly, such as light switches, doorknobs, and remote controls. These frequently overlooked sites might contain pathogens.

With a straightforward and reliable cleaning plan, anyone can maintain a tidy and organized house. You may streamline your cleaning activities and maintain a clean, attractive home by following these 10 simple steps. Keep in mind that regular upkeep can go a long way towards making your home a cozy and sanitary place to live. If you are looking for a professional maids in Dubai to clean your house then look no further than HomeMaids the leading cleaning company with the best cleaning services in Dubai.

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