Common office cleaning mistakes to avoid


We know about the importance of a clean and healthy environment.  After the pandemic days it increased and we are more concerned and aware about the importance of cleanliness in our life. A cleaned and organized office atmosphere will lead to a productive and active day.  Healthy working environment and staff can increase your business standard. But there are some common mistakes that we make during our routine cleaning in the office. We are mentioning some of them for your awareness.


Spot cleaning


Spot cleaning means only cleaning the visible area that’s not enough for an office building . Because the hub of bacteria may be in hidden surfaces. It’s the first mistake that we all have made. Whether we are not professional cleaners or don’t have enough time for a perfect clean we just ignore the out of sight areas in the building. On first look your office may look clean and nice but the bacteria and germs are on the hidden side of corners of furniture or door knobs , keyboards etc. This may lead to large problems like spreading of diseases among staff, bad smell in the office etc . Which can affect your entire business. 

Here the importance of relying on professional cleaners arises. They are well equipped and experienced in their work so they will do their job perfectly. Professional cleaning services, maid agencies are just a call away from us . Maid agency in Dubai provides the best office cleaning services . Well trained staff are there to assist according to your needs and instructions .  We already mentioned the importance of deep cleaning of an office in our previous blog.


Not disinfecting


Disinfection and cleaning  are different . Sometimes we just ignore the importance of disinfection . In high traffic areas like the office floor , desk , common areas there are so many chances of spreading viruses and bacterias . So after cleaning disinfection also has to be done. It’s not enough to just wipe the surface with cleaning liquid . Cleaning will only complete after the disinfection . You will have to hire professional office cleaning service who are expertise in this field to prevent the spread of the diseases. 


Relying on employees


Some entrepreneurs think it’s enough to clean office surfaces with the help of their employees . Sometimes it may affect their daily working activities and it may lead to less productivity . So it is always better to invest either in a  professional cleaning company or by appointing janitorial staff or day today cleaning activities. 


Neglecting the hotspots


In an office there are so many areas with too much traffic . like door knobs, calling bell, biometric punching machine, pen, office desk etc. We need more attention in these areas . Actually you will be surprised if we listed all the items that are hot spots of bacteria. It makes sense , as these are things that many people touch oftenly in these areas. Also floor carpets , bringing so many bacteria from outside the world . Keeping these little areas clean  is a huge task for us because they need quite more attention. So it’s better to hire a professional cleaning service . They disinfect all areas with eco-friendly products .

Expert cleaners at Home Maids create a safe and virus-free environment by providing the best disinfection service in Dubai. We clean and disinfect a broad range of residential buildings to ensure complete protection against all kinds of pathogenic microorganisms.


Our environment can affect our mental and emotional state so a clean working environment is always the first priority . Neglecting the cleanliness of your office building communicates to your employees that you just don’t care about your business nor them .  If you invest in a professional cleaning service it is like you are investing in your business. So don’t hesitate to hire professional cleaners. It will make so many changes . because little things can make bigger changes.


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