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Most people are really good at mopping the floors, taking out the trash. But there are other minor things in your home that you must consider cleaning next time. Finding things that are used very rarely, or things we use to store items around the house. These areas of your home have been abandoned for a very long time. Homemaids, the best home cleaning services in Dubai list here the areas of your home that need good care as part of house cleaning in Dubai


1. Kitchen Sink

Does your kitchen sink have an unpleasant smell? It might be coming out of your garbage disposal. Be sure to clean those hard-to-reach spaces that are bacteria zones. Dirty dishes, pots, utensils, food particles make it easier for bacteria to grow up in your kitchen sink area. These are the things that make sinks one of the dirtiest places in your kitchen.

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2. Trash Can

Your trash can become the dirtiest place in your home because the trash can is the place you store your garbage. Cleaning and disinfecting your trash on a regular basis can help you from promoting germs. Who knows what remains in the bottom of that bin, Each time you handle the trash spray some disinfectant in the whole can. Don’t wait until your trash can stink up your kitchen and place a breeding ground for harmful germs.


3. Couches

Your couch can gather all the dirt from your clothes and all the food particles, making it one of the dirtiest pieces of furniture in your home. Vacuum your couch on a regular basis could freshen up the home. Vacuuming or wiping down your sofa may a take bit long but it is necessary


4. Shower and shower curtain

Moist environments are ideal for growing bacteria and staining the surface. Cleaning shower curtains from top to bottom by hand-washing could help remove heavy mildew from a white or a clear shower. You can even wash a plastic shower curtain and it is really simple.


5. Doorknobs and light switches

On a daily basis, people carry a lot of germs in their hands and the same hands also touch the doorknobs and light switches in a home. They are the most-touched places in your home. Even if you wash your hands almost all of the time, it’s easy for dirt and germs to grow. Make sure you wipe or spray disinfectant on hard-to-reach areas, or use disinfecting wipes.


6. Remote Controls

Remote controls are more often used than any other gadget in your house and it can attract all sorts of germs very quickly. Cleaning them on a regular interval will help you from getting sick. Clean them using disinfecting wipes and go through the buttons well to make sure all dirt and germs are gone. 


7. The Carpet

Vacuuming is a very important part of keeping a house clean in Dubai. Before taking it for vacuuming make sure you clean the carpet with a brush, it’s best to remove dust and food particles so you can start working with vacuuming the surface. Just think about all the dirty things trapped in there. Carpets should be steam cleaned or deep cleaned at a regular interval to keep them clean and tidy. To extend the life of your carpet, you can take professional cleaners to help from homemaids Dubai, one of the best house cleaning services in Dubai.


8. Mattresses

Every night our bodies sweat and shed dead cells in our mattresses. Your mattress can easily become a place for fungal spores, germs, and dust mites that are shed from your body. Clean it once every six months with a vacuum or deep clean when necessary. You can even take professional help from our home cleaning team in Dubai.


9. Your Fridge

It is important to clean your refrigerator on a regular and timely basis, you should take everything out of your fridge and properly clean all the surfaces including the hard-to-reach area. Spray the inside of the fridge with a disinfectant or wipe them properly. Don’t forget to unplug your refrigerator before you get started.

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10. Blankets

You can wash your blankets in the washing machine just like you do with your other clothes but there are some materials that require hand-washing, dry cleaning, or spot cleaning. When you consider cleaning a blanket, you should follow up with the manufacturer’s guides properly before you start cleaning. The information will guide you on the best way to clean your blanket without causing any damage to the product.


11. Keyboards

Experts say keyboards are even dirtier than the toilet. Your hands can collect the end number of germs from your day-to-day activities. These germs can easily pass into your computer keyboard the moment you start using your keyboard. Cleaning the keyboard will make it more visually attractive and also help you from falling ill. Using a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol is the easiest way to make your keyboard clean and shiny.


12. Phones

Keeping your phone bacteria-free is really important and it takes less than a minute to clean. Some bacteria and viruses, including coronavirus, can stick on surfaces of your phone and live there a few hours or even to several days or more. The best way to do it is to use disinfectant wipes with alcohol content in them or spraying disinfecting onto a clean microfiber cloth and rubbing on the surface.


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