Useful Ironing Tips to Make the Clothes Look Great

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We all have a set of clothes that require ironing. But some poor ironing techniques and wrong temperature result in damaging the clothes. It is essential that your clothes look great when you are at any function, event, or office. Listed below are the ironing tips and tricks that will make your clothes look great. If you want your clothes to be ironed by experts then book the ironing service in Dubai by Homemaids.

Here are the tips:

Iron when clothes are damp:

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This is one of the easiest ways to remove the crease from the clothes when they are damp. If the clothes are dry, it is important to dampen them by spraying them before you iron them. But before that make sure the clothes are clean because ironing stained garments will make the stain stick.

Adjust the iron board:

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Your arm must be around a 90-degree angle while ironing. Apart from that make sure that the ironing board is at a proper height so adjust it according to your height. If it is too high then the iron will not get enough pressure and if it’s too low it will result in back pain. If you are on a busy schedule and are looking for an ironing service in Dubai then you can book Homemaids ironing service.

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Separate the fabric:

Do not pick the clothes from the pile randomly without knowing the fabric, because the different fabric has a different temperature. So, just separate the clothes according to the fabric this will help you set the appropriate temperature for the fabric and thus will make your clothes look great.

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Hang the clothes:

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There is no point in ironing if you don’t get crease-free clothes. Make sure you have a set of hangers to iron the clothes and hang them in your wardrobe

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Don’t ignore the label:

Check the clothes before ironing as some clothes do not need ironing. So it is better to check the care label before damaging the whole clothes.

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