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Laundry and Ironing Services Dubai

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Home Maids have extremely skilled and deft maids who are proficient in cleaning laundry and ironing your clothes to create the perfect set of clothes that resemble their original shine and texture. Home maids comprises of the best maids in Dubai who have been trained and have had years of experience under their belts. During this time, these cleaners have fine-tuned their skills and have made laundry and ironing an activity that they can recreate to perfection during any of their daily rounds in Dubai.

Prudent Laundry and Ironing

Utmost care is given to the laundry that has been trusted to this. Our maids in Dubai will use the most appropriate techniques for the clothes that have been handed to us. We know that every laundry will be different from a different house, like how all clothes are not the same. We will perform dry cleaning if it has been stated to us, or we will use the normal techniques. For the ironing, our maids will iron according to the type of the cloth, setting the heating accordingly.

Safe Cleaning Agents

Like how there are warning labels for many of the clothes, we know that certain clothes have to be cleaned in a certain way so that they are left with the desired texture and feeling. For this, you will need to use special cleaning agents. Indeed, some other dry cleaners would not be so considerate and will add any mixture of cleaning chemicals into the laundry and in the end would have all the clothes become damaged. We take special precaution that the agents that we use are clean and safe for the clothes that are being cleaned.

Finest Ironing Service

We do the perhaps the most fines ironing in Dubai of all cleaning services. Our maids have fine-tuned their abilities at this delicate and meticulous job, and with each cloth that they do, the clothes will be sharply flat with no folds at all. The clothes will retain the texture with which you'd bought them. Indeed our maids in Dubai assure that after dry cleaning sessions, your clothes will be ironed to perfection with meticulous care.

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