Should you hire a Cleaning Company to deal with post restoration dust problem ?

Muhammad and Raziya just went to their apartment it’s been months since they have stepped into the place as the building was undergoing renovation. When Muhammad and Raziya entered the building they couldn’t believe what they saw the place looked therefore, different everything was different.

From the ceiling in the roof to the kitchen floors everything has changed, but they were looking at an entirely different problem. They had a dust problem, it was everywhere from the floors to the bathroom everywhere they look there was dust.

The couples were both happy and sad at the same time, they were happy that they were back into their own home however, at the same time they had to deal with the dust problem first. The couples were dealing with a problem and they did what any sensible person does when faced a problem they don’t know how to solve they asked Google.

They searched for “ways to deal with post renovation dust problem” and here are the results they got.


dust cleaning

Post Renovation Dust


Post-renovation dust is not a special type of dust, it’s just ordinary dust something that is generated as a result of erosion of soil, sand, rocks, etc. which is created as a result of reconstruction and remodeling activities carried in our houses. When faced with such problems usually people rely on house cleaners and home cleaning companies in Dubai.


The health effect of dust on the body


The toxicity and the effect of dust on the human body depend on the size and type of the dust particle. How the dust effects our body is determined by how much dust is present in the air and how long we have been exposed to it.


Dust can cause


  • Irritation to the eyes
  • Asthma attack
  • Sneezing
  • Hay fever
  • Coughing

Next, they looked up for essential home cleaning tools. And here’s what they got


  • Air filters.
  • A face mask
  • Vacuum
  • Dust mop
  • Soft towel
  • Used dryer sheets

Apart from all this, you will need a lot of patience if you want to resolve the dust problem anytime soon.

While Muhammad was pondering over articles on what is post renovation dust it’s effects on the human body and necessary tools to deal with them Raziya came across an article on “How to clean after construction” and here is what she came across.

  • Taking on large debris-first of all gather all leftover tools and materials in one place with a broom and decide what you want to keep and what you want to dispose of.
  • Borrow a dumpster-After you have gathered up the leftover materials now dump all unwanted trash into the dumpster.
  • Dealing with spills and small debris-The best way to deal with spills and debris is to treat them with alcohol. Soak a cloth with an alcohol solution and rub into the surfaces with spills and leave it there for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes use a paper towel to remove the spills and debris.
  • Citrus based cleaners for wood surfaces-When it comes to dealing with dust and debris in wooden floors or other wooden surfaces its always best to use a wood cleaner having a citrus flavor. The wood cleaner is specifically built to remove the debris and the lemon flavor will add a refreshing aroma to the place.
  • Getting rid of nails– Nails are mean little things if you are not careful around them you may get hurt.

The best way to get rid of metal debris is to use a metal sweeper. Just roll the sweeper over the metal debris and dust to remove them. Dealing with the dust is not like dealing with broken glasses and iron nails it’s different you need to use a different set of gears when it comes to dust.

  • The safety gear-put on the safety mask like the mask used by maids in Dubai and safety goggles like the one used by house cleaners to prevent dust from entering your nose and eyes.
  • A fan to blow away-When you are cleaning place a fan in one of the windows facing outward so the dust and the debris will be sucked out of the house into the outside. This is a practice followed by some house cleaning services in Dubai.
  • Vacuum cleaner-A vacuum cleaner I the best tool when it comes to dealing with dust and debris. The powerful suction force created by the vacuum cleaner is what you will need to solve your dust problem.

The issue is that with a home vacuum there is a chance the dust will enter back into your home. So it’s better to use a heavy duty vacuum like the one used by maids in Dubai. Compared to normal vacuum cleaners heavy duty vacuum cleaners packs in more power and will be able to suck in all the dirt and debris from your house.

However, the problem is that they are costly compared to regular vacuum cleaners so the smart choice will be to rent it from a cleaning company or hire one to help you out.

  • Wiping the walls-When it comes to removing dust from walls it all depends on the texture of the walls. If the paints are of the old variant all you need is a mop or a wet rag to get the job done. If the walls are of the textured variant you will have to use a vacuum attachment to vacuum to wipe the dust off.
  • Cleaning the light fixtures and fans-To completely remove the debris and dust from light fixtures and fans we will have to take them down to clean them properly.

When it comes to cleaning fans use a regular soft towel. With light fixtures, you can use a glass cleaner to make them sparkling again.

  • Dealing with furniture’s– removing dust and debris from the furniture is not as same as removing them from other surfaces you will have to use a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment to effectively remove the dust and debris from the furniture.
  • Changing the air filter-After you deal with dust from everywhere around the house you can change your air filter.
  • Mop the floors-after the dust is removed from all over the place you can mop up the floor to add the finishing touch.

heavy duty vacuum

After going through all this both Raziya and Muhammad realized something they don’t have the time or patience to deal with this onerous task so they decided to ask Google who can help them solve this problem and in Google, they found the answer.

In the Google SERP page, the couples came across the websites various popular cleaning companies in Dubai like Home maids cleaning services. In the websites of these cleaning companies, they have mentioned about the range of services they are providing assistance for like floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, kitchen cleaning.

After going through the different range of services they are offering they decided to check how much it was going to cost them.

They decided to hire 2 maids to get the job done quickly and then they came across the promo coupon they entered the code got a good discount and decided to proceed with the transaction.

The maids from the cleaning company arrived the next day with all the required materials and the young couples handed over the keys to their apartment and left for work. The couples were in for a surprise when they returned back the next day they found the keys inside their mailbox where they told the maids to leave it after cleaning.

When they opened the doors they couldn’t believe what they were seeing their house looked spotlessly clean it was as if the maids from the cleaning company in Dubai somehow made all the dust disappear with the wave of their wand.

This was their first time trying the house cleaning services in Dubai and they were deeply impressed and nowadays when they are in need of any cleaning help they will call in the house cleaning services to help them sort it out.

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