How To Clean Oven Organically – Tips From Top Cleaning Maids Dubai

Here are the top organic oven cleaning tips from cleaning maids Dubai


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Baking your kid’s favorite chocolate muffins, roasting chicken, oven-baking some homemade cheesy pizzas – Ovens are the best companions to relish a lot of mouth-watering dishes. 


After frequent grilling, roasting, and baking sessions, the inside of the oven gets too dirty you can’t even imagine. When it comes to cleaning, there are a lot of cleaning products that are commercially available in the market, but they may contain a lot of chemical cleaning agents like ammonia, lye, etc which are highly toxic and their application can cause serious health issues. Top cleaning maids Dubai come up with some excellent organic cleaners for your ovens that are easily available in your home.


Follow these steps before you start cleaning the oven.


1. Take off the over rack

2.  You can use a vacuum cleaner or a microfiber duster to remove the debris deposit.


Now start using any of these organic cleaners to make your oven sparkling clean.


The Baking Soda Cleaner


Cleaning maids Dubai says baking soda is an excellent organic cleaner for your kitchen, especially the oven.


Add one tablespoon of baking soda to a spoonful of salt and add some drops of dishwashing soap to it and stir them together. 


Apply this solution to the oven and keep it sit for half an hour and wipe them off.  


Baking soda is excellent for cleaning due to it’s antacid, alkaline properties. The combination of salt and dishwashing liquid removes all the dirt and grime from the oven and keeps it looking fresh and adds a shine to your oven.


Vinegar Steam Oven Cleaner


Vinegar is filled with cleaning and disinfecting properties. The acetic acid in vinegar makes it an all-purpose cleaner. The pH 2.0 makes germs to stay away from vinegar – an organic disinfectant. 


Cleaning maids Dubai suggests the steam clean method. Fill in a large bowl with a small cup of vinegar and 3 cups of water. Cook this solution for about 50 minutes and then turn it off. Allow the solution to cool down inside the oven. The vinegar steam which is produced helps to loosen all the grime, dirt, and grease deposit inside your oven.  


Once the solution cooled down, you can use a clean, dry microfiber cloth to wipe off the interior of the oven. You can easily remove all kinds of grease and dirt inside the oven using the vinegar steam method.


The Lemon Cleaner


Lemon is rich in antibacterial properties. The acidic property of lemon acts as natural bleach. 


Unlike other cleaners, lemon produces a refreshing citrus aroma. 


For the lemon cleaner, you need the juice of 3-4 lemon, a spoonful of cornstarch, and 1 teaspoon of dishwashing liquid.


Mix all the ingredients together, once mixed, add some water to it and heat the solution until it gets thickened, once thickened, you can allow the solution to cool to room temperature.


You can apply this solution inside the oven to remove all the dirt. Apply it and wait for 30 minutes, you can wipe it off then. This solution helps to clear off all the stubborn specks of dirt inside your oven.


Rubbing Alcohol Cleaning Spray


Rubbing alcohol is an excellent cleaning agent. It helps to disinfect surfaces and make them free of germs. 


Rubbing alcohol is a best-loved cleaning agent since it is cheaper and at the same time, very effective. This volatile liquid works well to remove stains without leaving any residue.


For the rubbing alcohol cleaning spray, mix a quarter cup of rubbing alcohol to the same amount of water. Add a few drops of your favorite dishwashing liquid. Stir this solution well. Once everything gets mixed properly, you can add it to a spraying bottle and spray it inside your oven. Let it sit for about 20 minutes and then you can wipe it off. 


Since rubbing alcohol is volatile, it gets absorbed so easily. You can wipe it off using a clean tower and make sure that none of the residues is left inside the oven.


Cleaning Maids Dubai


The Salt Technique


Salt is not just for adding flavor to your dishes, it is also blessed with the best cleaning properties, says top cleaning maids Dubai. The abrasiveness of salt can easily scrape away all kinds of residues and spills.


The absorbent property of salt helps to absorb liquid dirt. Salt when used with vinegar or lemon juice, helps to clear off specks of dirt along with adding shine to surfaces.


If some of your dishes boil over while cooking in your oven, you can seek the help of salt, the rescuer. Just sprinkle those tacky spills with some salt. Let it sit for some time. 


Once the surface becomes crisp, make sure that the oven cools down and you can use a spatula to lift it off. The spills will be cleared off neatly with very little effort.


Choose what is appropriate for you and start cleaning like a pro.


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