Things To Keep In Mind While Ironing Different Fabric – Ironing Service in Dubai

Things To Keep In Mind While Ironing Different Fabric – Ironing Service in Dubai

The act of pressing the clothes with a heated tool to remove the wrinkle from the fabric is called ironing. There are different types of fabric and each and every fabric requires different temperature levels to do the ironing. One should be very cautious while ironing the clothes. If you are searching for the best laundry and ironing service in Dubai, book your service from Homemaids.

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Things you need to keep in mind while ironing like:

Use an iron board table.

Avoid ironing while kids are around.

Check the power cord.

Don’t use damaged iron.

Don’t multitask while ironing.

Read on to know the important things to keep in mind while ironing different fabrics:



Ironing the Polyester Fabric:

When pressing polyester, consistently check the label name. It will let you know which setting to use. Turn the polyester article of clothing back to front and keep a sodden material in the middle of the texture and iron consistently. Keeping low to the medium setting, iron the article of clothing in vertical movements until all wrinkles are eliminated. Hang the cloth right away.

If the dress is bigger, you can pull the skirt around the board, so the board is between the front and back of the dress. This is particularly helpful for floaty dresses or dresses that don’t fit on the board. Homemaids professionals are experts of ironing services Dubai for all kinds of fabric and handle with extra care.

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Ironing the Cotton Fabric:

For cotton fabric materials, the highest temperature setting can be used. Begin pressing while it is still damp. On the off chance that the texture is dry, it is fitting to pre-saturated it with a shower jug or utilizes the splash button on your iron to hose the fabric. Use steam and splash if vital to get rid of wrinkles.


Ironing Wool and Lace Fabric:

While ironing such fabric, the cloth should not be in direct contact with the iron, as it might get scorched. Utilize a damp material among iron and the texture while pressing. For Lace and Woolen cloth, set the temperature to the least setting and keep away from steam. It is fitting to check the fabric is damp and not drenching wet.

If you are not sure about how to iron your expensive cloth, get in touch with Homemaids, the best cleaning service in Dubai.



Ironing Linen, Satin, Rayon Fabric:

A few fabrics, for example,  linen, rayon, and satin are exceptionally fragile. Ironing directly on the surface can harm the fabric. It is consistently fitting to turn the fabric back to the front before ironing.

For Rayon fabric, set the temperature to low heat and avoid stretching in smaller sections.

For Satin fabric, set the temperature to the lowest and avoid steaming as it needs special care . For professional and careful ironing service in Dubai always choose Homemaids 

Ironing Silk Fabric :

SIlk fabric Ironing -

Spray the fabric and dampen it completely. Place on the ironing board and put a cloth over the silk. Iron the silk fabric on a cool setting, iron on low heat and remove the wrinkles. Thinking of ironing silk fabric, choose the best ironing service Dubai, Homemaid.


Ironing Velvet Fabric:

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you should never iron the velvet fabric. Doing so will damage the material. Instead of ironing, use steaming.

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