Tips to make your bathroom smell great from the best cleaning company in Dubai

The only two places where the people judge you are the cleanliness in your bathroom and kitchen. It’s always a good practice to keep our bathroom and kitchen clean because the guest may visit your home unpredicted. The bathroom should always be clean and smell great. Even though some find it very difficult to clean the bathroom there are several tips by Homemaids, the best cleaning company in Dubai which makes your work easier. Your health also depends on the cleanliness of your home, especially the bathroom. So basically, your health depends on the cleanliness of your home. 

Here are some tips by Homemaids which gives you an idea to make your bathroom smell great:

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Open the Window:

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It’s always good to open the windows of your house for air circulation. Same in the case of the bathroom where you should open the windows to get rid of the bad smell and make your bathroom fresh and good.

No Wet Towels in Bathroom:

It’s a bad practice to dampen your wet towel in the bathroom as it is a humid place and the wet towel will create an unpleasant smell. The only thing you need to do is wash your clothes and make them dry under the sun and then place them in the bathroom.

Aromatic cotton balls:

Placing a cotton ball after dipping into your favorite aromatic oil will create a pleasant smell in the bathroom. You can keep those cotton balls in a glass and place them near the window so that when you open the door the bathroom is aromatic.

Take out the trash regularly:

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Even if the trash is not filled, you should replace it in a day or two. As the trash will create a bad smell when you open it so it’s a better practice to clean regularly.  


Use baking soda & vinegar:

Baking soda removes the bad odor, your bathroom sink may create a bad odor in the bathroom so, you need to sprinkle the baking soda in the drains and sink and wait for about an hour and apply white vinegar that creates a reaction into the baking soda and at the end rinse off with water to get an odor-free bathroom.


Use Scented Candles:

Aroma - Homemaids

You can use scented candles in the bathroom to eliminate the bad odor. You just need to place it in a glass and light it and that will create an amazing smell in the bathroom.

Use fragrant soap:

Placing a fragrant soap and using it is the easiest way to create a pleasant smell inside the bathroom.

Follow these simple tips from Homemaids the best cleaning service in Dubai in order to make your bathroom fresh, clean with a great smell.

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