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Digital marketing tactics followed for a cleaning company in Dubai

Plan of actions implemented for the growth of serach traffic for a cleaning company

In this case study we are discussing our plan of actions that are implemented for a cleaning company to obtain #1 position in the google search page . As we know there are so many competitors in the cleaning service field in Dubai . By using the latest technologies into our marketing strategies and by making optimum use of the technology we achieve our goal.

Actions we planned

Understanding of customer behavior

Marketing is about understanding your audience and then communicating with them in a way that resonates. This means going beyond surface-level observations, like "they need help with SEO," to get a deeper understanding of their needs, values, and motivations.

For example, what are our competitors following ?How active are they on social platforms ? How do they reach the audience ? Remember, successful companies prioritize customer research. This allows them to create marketing campaigns that speak to their target audience on a personal level, increasing the chances of conversion.

Structured process and documentation of each task

When you're first starting out in business, it's all about working hard to make money. You'll take any job and do whatever it takes to generate revenue. But as you grow, you must formalize your processes by developing documentation and standard operating procedures (SOPs) for your workflows. For example, you might need to create SOPs for running a PR campaign, using social media, or launching a paid advertising campaign. Having documentation will help you train new employees and ensure that work is completed consistently and efficiently.


If you want to see consistent organic traffic from SEO, it typically takes around 5-6 months. However, this doesn't mean you can stop your content creation efforts after a few months . We always maintain consistency in our work . We monitor our work daily for attaining #1 position of our client


It's easy to write blog posts that are all over the place, but it's much harder to sit down and create content that is focused and appeals to your target audience. That's the difference between an okay blog and a great blog. If you want your blog to rank highly on Google, you need to be creating content that is valuable to your readers instead of trying to find ways to game the system.

The results you can expect

homemaids dubai

As you can see in the graph we had a small growth in the month of May 2022, but the growth declined in the month of June 2022. So, we have adapted several ways in order to increase the search traffic and impression for our clients website.

Following are the methodologies done so far:

We targeted the keywords which we want to rank for the particular page.

Writing blogs with those keywords has helped us to push up the visibility of the page and we followed the track to upload a blog once a week.

Coming towards the off page part we have done various off page activities including social bookmarking, Quora, Article Submission, Guest posting, etc. and most importantly submitting the link in a site with high Domain authority. Also while performing the off page activity do not forget to concentrate on the keyword and the page that have been targeted to rank.

Always make sure that you receive the quality backlink from high authority websites as it has a great impact on the ranking as well as increasing our sites domain authority.

cleaning company dubai

As you can clearly see the progression in the graph . We took 6 months of comparison to get to know the growth of the website . In October onwards the website graph rose up to 9000 impressions . It's only because of our creative ideas and strategies that we implemented for the cleaning company And of course we have a well experienced team to monitor all the procedures.

Listed top 10 pages of the website .For the homepage itself you can see more than 100k impressions and 817 clicks . For achieving this big impact we followed search engine optimization advanced level strategies, we audit websites every month and make changes when needed . By writing quality content on websites and blogs , Strategies we follow on social media , By building quality backlinks , proper quora submission we achieve our goal . Moreover, the last but not least is consistency in work . It's the major factor that we followed for every client . We always listen to our client needs and requirements and then we plan how to achieve their requirements . Our ultimate aim is quality in our work and customer satisfaction.


To achieve the targeted result, an actionable and effective strategy must be planned and implemented. Proper research must be carried out before performing the task. As the main target is to increase the visibility of the website, by doing this the impression will directly increase and that will lead to increased CTR. In order to rank the particular web page the keyword focusing to that page must be utilized properly. You can do so by working on to build the link, checking the url structure, resolving any error in that page and by writing blogs based on that keyword. Apart from that, creating the engagement post in social media will create brand awareness to the audience and hence it will directly lead to the increased traffic of the website.

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